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  1. I think that's Mike Batt's influence - so a return to the farm for Head Womble!
  2. Yes the fullness of them too - you can pretty much piece together the line-up of each of the stages that have announced recently, which is a help in starting to get that personal clash-finder together (but thank you Acoustic for not contributing too many further problems to the plan....)
  3. "But you won't stand a chance of getting tickets I'm afraid...."
  4. Or with the Glastonbury virgin - so many times my mates have brought their girlfriend for the first time and complained that they just want to see all the bands on the Pyramid! Here on eFests we are just so post-Pyramid... ?
  5. Can't see that being an issue - Kylie will be around 4PM and Janelle come on around 10
  6. Out of upvotes, but thank you! ?
  7. Paging @cb4747 - your stage-specific-playlist-services are required once more! ?
  8. That said.... very glad that WH have heard our plea and *tried* to announce a bit earlier than most years! ?
  9. Ooh, early this year! And The Comet is Coming twice! In fact Sunday looks suspiciously like Friday... ... I feel an updated poster may be imminent ...
  10. billum

    National Rail

    I'd say it's very variable - for me it's been like Sasperella and only half an hour to an hour to get on-site, but 2017 I think it was, there was a problem with the coaches and we were waiting in a dreadful queue at Castle Cary for a couple of hours before getting a sniff of a coach I'd say give it an hour max from the station to the site, unless something bad has happened!
  11. Best - well it's really hard to choose between West Holts, which is my favourite in the mornings with a pint of Toffee Apple cider for breakfast and a fantastic World Music or Afrobeat band on, and Avalon, which is just amazing all the time but not really a breakfast destination Worst - yeah Silver Hayes doesn't float my boat, but the worst sound I've heard is up at the Acoustic
  12. Small World Solar Stage is normally up in the Green Futures field just about opposite the Mandala stage fairly near the Permaculture On this year's map so far the Green Futures area looks like the other years so here's hoping it's there again and easy to find!
  13. Small World stage has some fantastic music on late, and one of the best vibes of the whole fest with those sunken braziers for huddling round if it gets chilly
  14. billum

    The Glade

    You can't see the whole name on this snippet, try searching for the full name "Glade Area Glastonbury 2019" Or maybe this link wil work? You can paste it into the spotify search box: spotify:user:1165447717:playlist:3obUtv1eGgHGmU9ngrow6U
  15. billum

    The Glade

    Yes here's hoping...
  16. billum

    The Glade

    Spike have upped their DJ game this year as well! Steve Davis, and Tom Ravenscroft (or maybe I'm showing my age)
  17. billum

    The Glade

    Glad to see Cassette Boy and DJ Rubbish haven't let us down....
  18. Nothing wrong with WH PA in my experience in 2017 - and for James Blake it was sublime, and his music tests the range of any setup (James Blake was 2016)
  19. billum

    Resale Club 2019

    Not gone green on the spreadsheet.... ☹️
  20. billum

    Resale Club 2019

    Heh, seems to be true - so my vision of the Fest being entirely populated by computer geeks by 2025 looks like it won't come true after all!
  21. billum

    Resale Club 2019

    Is there any chance that some of the returned tickets went "somewhere else" and didn't go on sale today? Extra hospitality allocation? More builders working on all the extra stuff on-site getting given them? Decided to keep the overall numbers a bit lower this year?? I'm clutching at straws to understand such a low number in the resale today
  22. billum

    Resale Club 2019

    ? Of course! I always forget about the draw of the "headliners"....
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