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  1. I've been thinking of this option myself. I'm going with a Glasto virgin this year who is especially amenable to cool cans. We're on a Thursday See coach which may have an early start getting in at 0930ish if the coach gods aren't kind. Looking at the timetables, to Shepton you've got a 1h15 window if cutting off-site time to a bare minimum. It drops off at the Cenotaph https://goo.gl/maps/z92jxHrGDx12 which is next door to Tesco, also Sports Direct for the festival tat they sell there. It's early days yet, but if I do get an early coach slot I'll certainly consider doing my good deed and getting a couple of crates, those cool bags and lots and lots of ice to keep my party placated.
  2. I had EE on mobile as my second option, as 6pm came it went into meltdown, no holding page, just 'could not securely connect to server'. Don't know if it's area-specific (I'm central Brum) but if you're relying on 4G I'd get any kind of backup, even go to a pub or café for WiFi.
  3. I was the only one of my group trying, still got'em ? My tactic was multi browsers on a PC with shit broadband, and a mobile on EE. EE was a non-starter, couldn't connect to server. Reckon their network got swamped. My Edge browser got through, all hail Microsoft! I did pick Thursday departure as there would be less demand, and that was right, even when I lost precious seconds putting the wrong lead booker in, still got there in time.
  4. Sad news if true. It hit my sweet spot of having a good mix of all genres without being focused on one, and not too full-on and not too relaxed. I've been to both the IOW and Lulworth, and I agreed with their statement that it was getting back to boutique roots. Not sure what could replace it for me, Latitude maybe but the hip-hop is non-existent there.
  5. Ah bugger, I was going to do a review with Woov helping me to piece together what happened, but that's gone now... Got there at 3pm, the queue was about 40 minutes. A small rummage in rucksack but nothing major. Emerald City was half-full, the furthest part from the arena was completely empty. Usual decent mix of folks camped around us, and refreshing that there was room to walk between tents. Bit gutting about the showers being non-existent, plus the toilets were out of blue stuff and mingin early Thursday evening. The lack of arena check was welcome, still needed some cold cans throughout the weekend though so it didn't affect my contribution to the bar sales. On each area, I saw over the weekend: Main Stage: Son of Dave - lively one-man blues OMG It's The Church - silly Americana (even though one of them works at Costa in Brum) The Big Moon - have come on leaps and bounds - a genuine main stage act First Aid Kit - a little polished these days but still in awe at their talent Chaka Khan - funky legend (did she do her new track? I arrived late) Grace Jones - What presence. Must've hulahooped for 10 minutes M.I.A - Perfect for the mixed music genres that is Bestival. Silk City - Disappointing. Empty field, and couldn't see the guys on the screen London Grammar - Their sound is too delicate for a festival with stages in close proximity Big top: Casisdead - Nice introduction to the weekend Confidence Man - Performance of the festival. Kept it moving in the heat Sink The Pink - Sleazy dance routine - perfect late night stuff London Astrobeat Orchestra performs Talking Heads - I expected something more orchestral than bluegrass Plus the other highlights round the site were Purple Rave at HMS Bestival, the Indonesian beef curry in the Feast Collective, Blind Date in the comedy/cabaret, an indoor fire pit at the far end of the forest, and watching the young folk do their jive dancing outside Pig's Big Ballroom late at night. Other thoughts: Was Club Dada merged with Staceys? Didn't work for me, it's more late night fun weirdness. I popped my head in about 6pm on Saturday and some oompah band was on. I couldn't pop out again immediately as it was just me and two others in there. Caravanserai was always heaving after 11 I now have a terrible hacking cough. Not sure if it was because of the dust or going on the fags as I forgot my vape. those stripey catsuit things (kind of what a trapeze artist would wear) seemed to be everywhere. Not sure if it was because of the circus theme or whether they're the new cutoff jeans and wellies. The Saturday projection was a welcome bonus, with the nautical theme it may have been used at Camp Bestival too (but I'm not complaining) Despite the heat I gave it my best go - I now know where every bit of shade is on the site. Would I go back? Yes, but the trouble is that now they did the late deals, there's even less incentive for me to pick up an early bird when you can just wait till a week before. Hope that doesn't affect sales for next year.
  6. I've been to windy festivals but I've never seen SteelShield fencing blowing down. 100% right decision to cancel.
  7. Loves me a map . Quite clever how they've kept the two different festivals sections separate, the lower kids area at CB is now a car park, and the families this week must be wondering what that weird Temple thing is roped-off in the distance. Couple of observations: They've missed Club Dada off. The walking route last year from The Box to Stacey's etc has a wall in the way... Hope that's a map error or else a lot of people will be passing by HMS Bestival. The eco-bond site is even more inaccessible. Impossible to claim it back before Monday if you're camped in Emerald City, even then it's a 15 minute trudge...
  8. There's only been one year to go on, so here's my take: Went by coach, it's single carriageway past Bournemouth, so slow-crawl at 2pm Thu, no jams near site, though bit of a line the other way for car parks. I just had a quick search, feeling outside of the rucksack, probably looking for glass. Probably enforced if unlucky and getting a full search. Camped near the entrance, so snug as expected there. Black camp at the edge had space if arriving late.
  9. Although the Bestival map's not out yet, Camp Bestival has released theirs. Hard to tell what will change, but I reckon they'll leave as much as poss in place to minimise the build/break. If that's the case then Bollywood is in a different place, near to where Club Dada was last year. Bestival won't require as much Camping Plus space so I reckon The Temple will go there, where it was last year.
  10. Yeah we're down a couple of stages at least, Reggae Roots and Invaders of the Future haven't been announced yet. Never mind, there's always plenty to do.
  11. @taff 5 The performer camping is a thin sliver of land to the north of Family camping on the map. There's loads of room but most likely at the back if arriving Friday. But it's not like Glasto, that means a 10 minute walk instead of a 3 minute walk to the arena. The area has the white trailer style shower blocks, with portaloos. There is a bar which is open till 3 with an indoor fire, and a couple of food stalls too. @chrish26 Thursday's a settling-in day. The main two stages aren't open but most of the rest are. There are theatre performances and the Speakeasy is open too. Most people have a boogie in the woods though. Enjoy the fest, I've given it a miss as 3 festivals on the bounce is too much for me to do these days. I'd be interested to hear about any site changes after the event.
  12. Sad to have so many clashes, must be intentional to keep second stage numbers down at the smaller arena.
  13. Confidence Man will be my no1 fun act, got a pub dancing last time I saw them so looking forward to seeing them on a much larger scale. Seconded for Chali2na, and Oh My God! It's The Church! will be silly stuff on the main stage. I'm presume we're betting without Grace Jones hulahooping on this thread.
  14. First time at the Ricoh, and first time at one of these stadium rock gigs. Crowd was up for it, found the excellent Dhillons Brewery beforehand. My lucky dips were in the seats, towards the top of the corner (block 25). Thought the sound was a bit lacking in the low and high notes, seemed to sacrifice a bit of quality for loudness. Glad to hear The Specials, perfect summer music, and Rudy was a treat. It was fun to see the Stones in their stadium setting as opposed to Glasto, my highlights would be the blues jam of Midnight Rambler and Happy. Again the sound was funny where I was listening, the female solo in Gimme Shelter wasn't very audible. All in all a bloody good spectacular.
  15. Advance train tickets are on sale now for travel from Wool. Cost me in total the same as what they're charging for coach travel.
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