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  1. Hello all, my first appearance in the Resale Club since 2014, so I suppose it was our turn to be a part of those hard luck stories. But we are determined to get in one way or another, there’s a long way to go!
  2. Not new but a returnee. Have posted sparingly over the years and snuck in on three efest meets, I find it is too easy to spend way too much time on various fora here and there so deliberately ration myself “out of season”. But now we are on the downhill run to the great day, so dipping a tentative toe into the efest waters once more!
  3. Regarding the rights and wrongs of a second referendum, May didn’t have a problem calling an early election when she thought that would benefit her. Why not just stick to the five year period and follow “the will of the British people”? Or the Tories looking for a re-run of their leadership contest? How come a tainted referendum is the one immovable in all this?
  4. Too late to think of 10, here’s 3: Beak> Ice Age - and the return of The Moonlandingz (John Peel, at a time when J.Rocket has digested his breakfast).
  5. These are great, though personally I prefer this type of thing in a tent. Really enjoyed Joanne Shaw Taylor at Avalon in ‘16.
  6. Genuine question. How do you get close? I thought it was either through to the booking page or not. Am I missing something?
  7. Where and when do you log in to seetickets?
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