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  1. Totally get that but I’d have Metallica and Pearl Jam every day for sheer enjoyment. What I meant about the main stage was the sound quality as opposed to atmosphere. Sad geek kinda thing
  2. Werchter is shaping up nicely and if I hadn't already rolled over Mad Cool tickets from 2020 I'd have definitely gone back to RW. Enjoyed the few times I went to RW. Well organised and the sound quality on the main stage was fabulous.
  3. I've got a fair few years on you and trust me age has plenty to do with it. As much as I can listen to new music it doesn't have same appeal as all the great rock I grew up with along with stuff like Radiohead, The National, Primal Scream etc. I'm no fan of hip hop, pop and electronic and you quite rightly highlight that this does reduce the appeal to me, which is exactly the point I was making. Just for your info the highlight for me on the bill is Idles. along with King Gizzard, Spiritulized, Code Orange, and possibly Caribou. If folks like yourself love it then I'm genuinely happy for you as that's what love music and festivals are all about and this is the right place to discuss these things.
  4. I'd hazard a guess I'm possibly a bit older than you and have listened to more genres than you'd imagine. The headliners and the vast majority of the undercard does the square route of zero for me but if the young guns are happy with it, I'll leave to them
  5. You know when you're getting old when you see a line up like that and struggle to think of a half dozen acts you'd bother going to see. Vast majority of things on there are a complete mystery to me.
  6. That’s a fair assessment. 40 quid on vinyl is outrageous. Been a few recent releases on vinyl that have taken the piss with the prices they’re currently charging. I got that last Judas Priest double for 25 which is fair enough.
  7. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it but don’t start criticising anyone because they don’t follow your opinion.
  8. And who on earth are you to suggest I’m the ‘problem’ . You must believe your opinon is all that matter. And how can you loudly proclaim I have no idea of costs. You don’t know me
  9. That new Mastodon album is class. The new Biffy one is a decent enough listen but I’m still not convinced they’re the correct choice as a Download headliner. Really poor crowd last time and quite a cheap option.
  10. Don't think Adele particularly likes playing live shows, or at least she didn't. I get she's talented and can write a fair break up tune, but the thought of watching her live makes me shudder. Would be on the same utter boredom sphere as coldplay surely.
  11. TRNSMT in Scotland is held at Glasgow Green and there's been other gigs at the same location on the lead up and after the festival using the same stage etc. MC seen to still be advertising as a Weds-Sat festival and need to let people know what's happening soon to get travel and accommodation booked.
  12. Are we thinking it's definitely going to be a new site location next year. We haven't booked accommodation yet based on the hint it might change site.
  13. See Billie Eilish just announced for Glastonbury in June. Not my thing but probably one of the missing headliners
  14. Suppose that's the thing with line ups. Some love certain days and others find them dull. I find Sunday really weak and not for me at all.
  15. For me the Friday is average and not overly fussed about seeing Kiss if they're only one on. Saturday is by far and away best day and there's loads of potential clashes. Sunday doesn't do it for me and I'll definitely have left after either Myles or Korn
  16. I genuinely don't know what the answer is. I agree about the dictatorship but I suppose if that's the rules just now to see some gigs, then I guess we either accept that or don't go.
  17. PCR pre fest - Neg Few LFT this week - Neg PCR yesterday- Neg i had a decent bounce at the front at Frank Carter and stood fairly close to others in tent. Here’s hoping that there’s a huge amount of negative tests post festival and we get back to live music
  18. I saw Chinese Dave Loves you a few times. T shirt made me smile
  19. I sent the PCR away on Thursday night and got result on Friday. I did LFT yesterday when I got home and did one again today, both negative. @iistroudley hope it turns out you didn't contract it.
  20. Absolutely. Waking up with waist to head on a half inflated airbed and waist to feet on a hard field isn’t for me. My back felt broken. Sleeping on one of the tables outside food stalls would have been more comfortable
  21. Nearly ? I was a few times over the weekend and I’m never like that. Maybe at my age I’ve less festivals left in me than most people on here, and need to grab every moment I can. One thing I confirmed at the weekend is that camping isn’t for me. Premier Inn booked for DL22 😍
  22. As an old bugger it certainly was for me. I kept thinking it’d be cancelled at some point in the lead up and the inevitable disappointment would kick in. Once I was through the gates, the relief kicked in and even pitching the tent in the pissing rain was a pleasure. After the last 15 months it was one of the best feelings ever when Death Blooms walked on stage.
  23. Words honestly can’t describe how good it was. Just felt brilliant to be in a crowd watching bands enjoy themselves and bring surrounded by like minded people who were making the most of the weekend. Sincerely hope that when the results are in, there’s evidence to at least get some outdoor events going. This no gigs shit can’t go on much longer.
  24. Thought after 15 months without any live music he wouldn’t have been such a brat. It was the on stage monitors that seemed to be his issue, but it sounded fine from where I was standing
  25. That was so good watching live music again. The two Franks were excellent and there’s bands I hadn’t really listened much to before, Bleed from Within who were class. Overall a well organised event in such a short space of time and everyone, including bands (apart from Ginger Wildheart,,,,childish prick) seemed to be having a ball
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