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  1. Off topic from new releases, but anyone going to see Tool in next few days are in for an absolute belter of a gig. Saw them in Manchester on Monday and it's one of the best gigs I've ever attended.
  2. I noticed that a lot didn’t seem to appreciate QOTSA have zero chance of being there.
  3. See they’re starting to tweet again tonight.
  4. Didn’t NIN say the uk dates announced a couple of weeks ago conclude their summer 22 shows ?
  5. The Darkness replacing Bowie at TITP was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever experienced at a festival
  6. Anyone going to be paying £450 for 3 days on the viewing platform ? They really are taking the piss with that one
  7. Can’t be a huge amout left to complete the line up. With a few American bands pulling European tours, I do wonder if Kiss will be replaced before June
  8. Totally get that but I’d have Metallica and Pearl Jam every day for sheer enjoyment. What I meant about the main stage was the sound quality as opposed to atmosphere. Sad geek kinda thing
  9. Werchter is shaping up nicely and if I hadn't already rolled over Mad Cool tickets from 2020 I'd have definitely gone back to RW. Enjoyed the few times I went to RW. Well organised and the sound quality on the main stage was fabulous.
  10. I've got a fair few years on you and trust me age has plenty to do with it. As much as I can listen to new music it doesn't have same appeal as all the great rock I grew up with along with stuff like Radiohead, The National, Primal Scream etc. I'm no fan of hip hop, pop and electronic and you quite rightly highlight that this does reduce the appeal to me, which is exactly the point I was making. Just for your info the highlight for me on the bill is Idles. along with King Gizzard, Spiritulized, Code Orange, and possibly Caribou. If folks like yourself love it then I'm genuinely happy for you as that's what love music and festivals are all about and this is the right place to discuss these things.
  11. I'd hazard a guess I'm possibly a bit older than you and have listened to more genres than you'd imagine. The headliners and the vast majority of the undercard does the square route of zero for me but if the young guns are happy with it, I'll leave to them
  12. You know when you're getting old when you see a line up like that and struggle to think of a half dozen acts you'd bother going to see. Vast majority of things on there are a complete mystery to me.
  13. That’s a fair assessment. 40 quid on vinyl is outrageous. Been a few recent releases on vinyl that have taken the piss with the prices they’re currently charging. I got that last Judas Priest double for 25 which is fair enough.
  14. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it but don’t start criticising anyone because they don’t follow your opinion.
  15. And who on earth are you to suggest I’m the ‘problem’ . You must believe your opinon is all that matter. And how can you loudly proclaim I have no idea of costs. You don’t know me
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