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  1. StevieMcK


    Make it four, as she is playing Rock Werchter on the Thursday night. JUNE 27, 2019 Rock Werchter Werchter JUNE 29, 2019 Wembley Stadium London JUNE 30, 2019 Wembley Stadium London
  2. StevieMcK

    Booking Worthy View

    The flip side of that is its a 20 min walk home from the SE Corner afterwards, rather than a 45 min walk back over to somewhere like Hitchin Hill
  3. StevieMcK

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Why would See Tickets want to change their current system? They sold over 100,000 tickets in 36 mins, processing £5M worth of transactions in real time. They must have been refining the ticketing process for this year too, as historically they would capture your card details and then post-process them at some point that day. That would lead to a horrible delay between "buying your tickets" and the confirmation email coming through. I've had friends enter the wrong digit on their card details and get a horrible email hours later, telling them they didn't in fact have tickets. Everyone talks of moving to a ballot system, but there is a ballot in place at present... ie do you make a request to the booking page, at the exact moment the load balancer has a space available on one of the processing servers.
  4. StevieMcK

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    We managed to get two people through within 5 minutes and grabbed 12 tickets. However we then all spent the rest of the sale trying to get tickets for another group of 6 with no joy. We'll get them hooked up in the resale... I can feel it!
  5. StevieMcK

    My best tips for ticket day....

    As well as hoping to see the magical booking form, I'm planning on tracking any updates on here and wondered if there was a text only/mobile version available, to minimise the load on the eFest server?
  6. StevieMcK

    Flaming lips

    Off to see them at The Barrowlands tonight and after a rough couple of weeks, I need a dose of confetti cannons, balloons and happy vibes!
  7. StevieMcK

    Arcade Fire

    Totally forgot about the Live Nation pre-sale... logged in, refreshed it a few times hoping for standing tickets and some popped up for Glasgow. That makes up for sleeping through the LCD Soundsystem sale on the Friday morning at Glastonbury (well kind of makes up for it)
  8. StevieMcK

    Flaming lips

    Best decision I made all festival... listen to two hours of Radiohead songs I didn't know to hear the hits or embrace the happiest set of the festival. I wasn't a hard choice. Now the next dilemma I have is do I go and see them at the Barrowlands on the 15th August... the night before my mate's wedding or do a I be sensible and travel to the wedding the evening before like everyone else is doing?
  9. StevieMcK

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    After the first few days, I made more of a conscious effort to enjoy the festival through my own eyes for a change. However these two sum up the entire festival for me. Sunset at the Stone Circle on Thursday The Flaming Lips headlining The Park stage on Friday
  10. StevieMcK

    LCD Soundsystem....

    I hope there is a decent data signal in the queue on Wednesday morning. There is no way I'm missing the Barrowlands gig!
  11. StevieMcK

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    I'm staying in Worthy View this year, but I reckon one of those Quechua Fresh Tarps, could be ideal for popping up over the top of a scout tent.
  12. I bought 100 of them last year. The smile on random folks faces, when we gave them a couple in Shangri-la was priceless!
  13. Hey Stevie,

    Managed to get your tickets. I'll send you a screen shot if me send me your email address.



  14. Foo Fighters! Please let them have a headline slot on the Pyramid!!!
  15. StevieMcK

    Glasgow Summer Sessions