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  1. Its pretty easy to get a 2 man scout tent, but the other more limited options, sell out very quickly.
  2. Primal Scream on the Pyramid in 2005. Bobby Gillespie didn't have a clue what planet he was on and was constantly trolling the crowd throughout the set ""Do you want to hear the Stone Roses? Well you should have been here 15 years ago, you fucking lazy bastards!" They ended up cutting his mic, when he tried to play another song at the end of their set
  3. Your question should be... is it really worth the effort to do it all in one trip on the Wednesday? Take your backpack with you when you go to get your wristband and then nip back out as many times as need be. You'll be able to avoid the ticket queue and its no more than 400-500yds walking. Its night and day difference to having to do a second run from the main campsite!
  4. StevieMcK


    Depends where you are in the crowd... The Flaming Lips headlining in 2017 was one of the weekend highlights for me!
  5. It's not any enjoyment thing, it's a practical thing. We have a 2.7m flagpole that collapses down to 40cm and fits in a backpack. It's used for meeting up before a band starts. No matter where you walk into the field, it's easy to spot the group. Once everyone meets up, the flag goes down. If anyone nips to the toilet, the flag gets popped backup until they get back.
  6. You should be able to get a taxi to take you to the entrance to the WV carpark... possibly even to the gate if the stewards are nice. Either way, its not much of a walk from the road to the gate. The carpark is in the red field and worthy view is in yellow. You can see where the entrance is, from the tracks in the grass.
  7. This is the info they sent out in 2016 regarding arrivals... "Group Arrival / Arriving at Different Times Firstly, you the Lead Booker must ensure that your group can access the festival easily.. If you are arriving together as a group, it helps us if you can enter the same wristband lane as one party. If you know that some of your group will be arriving at a different time to you, please ensure they have a copy of your booking confirmation email, some photo ID and that you have either listed all the names of the people in your group when making your booking with See Tickets OR you have emailed us directly to let us know the names or your fellow campers. If we don’t know them yet please tell us now as if you do not give us the heads up about them arriving at a different time to you, then they will not be allowed on site and no one wants that!"
  8. StevieMcK

    Ice on site

    Are we taking bets now that the price of a 330ml can this year, equals the price of a 500ml bottle in 2017?
  9. StevieMcK

    EPO bands

    So that explains the extra interest in our Worthy View bands, as we passed in/out of the site after the first day or two!
  10. Best - It's a toss up between Block 9 / The Common. I could happily spend every evening wandering around there. Worst - The Truth Stage in Shangri-la, or more specifically the choke point/traffic jam at the back of it*, as everyone tries to filter past. I've had a few really uncomfortable moments passing there. The sort of moments where if you fall, you'd have to fight your way back to your feet before you ended up at the bottom of a pile-up. *yet if you 20ft closer to the stage and there is usually much more space to walk through.
  11. Every year after the deposit is paid I always say to myself, "stick away some each month and forget about the balance date". Well this is the first time I've actually done that and not only do I not have to think about the balance, but any spending money should be covered too. I'm definitely doing this in future!
  12. That was my first thought too. I'm all for the festival banning single use plastic bottles, but I'd also be for them banning vendors using the exchange rate of... £2.50 bottle of coke = £2.50 can of coke!
  13. StevieMcK


    Make it four, as she is playing Rock Werchter on the Thursday night. JUNE 27, 2019 Rock Werchter Werchter JUNE 29, 2019 Wembley Stadium London JUNE 30, 2019 Wembley Stadium London
  14. The flip side of that is its a 20 min walk home from the SE Corner afterwards, rather than a 45 min walk back over to somewhere like Hitchin Hill
  15. StevieMcK

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Why would See Tickets want to change their current system? They sold over 100,000 tickets in 36 mins, processing £5M worth of transactions in real time. They must have been refining the ticketing process for this year too, as historically they would capture your card details and then post-process them at some point that day. That would lead to a horrible delay between "buying your tickets" and the confirmation email coming through. I've had friends enter the wrong digit on their card details and get a horrible email hours later, telling them they didn't in fact have tickets. Everyone talks of moving to a ballot system, but there is a ballot in place at present... ie do you make a request to the booking page, at the exact moment the load balancer has a space available on one of the processing servers.
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