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  1. Can I join the resale club please? Just coming to terms with not having a ticket for next year. I'm not as sad as I thought I'd be but I have registered to volunteer and will be trying the resale and every competition that comes up. Is there a new Competitions tread yet?
  2. Sweet_pea

    Coach Question

    On here somewhere. But 15,000 have been on sale historically, add the extra 7000 that has been added for this year. That's 22,000
  3. Sweet_pea

    Coach Question

    Don't quote me on it but I read 22,000.
  4. Sweet_pea

    Coach Question

    Looks like they have. £249 for the Wednesday night.
  5. I had this last year. Not for me, I was sorted in the Coach sale but my friend. It was heartbreaking at the time luckily we got him sorted for the resale.
  6. Sweet_pea

    Greta Thunberg

    And is plant based
  7. Sweet_pea

    Ticket Sale Date

    Do they actually help?
  8. Sweet_pea

    Coach Question

    In my defense, I took no notice of the return coach time when I was clicking through the booking process. All I knew is that I was on one of the first coaches to the Festival 🙂 But yes, we packed up early Sunday and then just partied through. Seeing the sun coming up through the trees in Samula was pretty special.
  9. Sweet_pea

    Coach Question

    We had a 5.30am coach this year. Was in Samula till 5am, picked up our stuff from the lock up at gate a and walked straight onto our coach. We were a group of 6. The total number on our coach, including driver was 13....
  10. You all have to go from the same departure point. If you wanted to go from separate places, you'd have to go back and try again for each location
  11. I think you're more likely to get a Thursday coach than a Wednesday one.
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