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  1. Sweet_pea


    My boyfriend is sporting a fat lip from the mini pit that was created behind the sound desk 😄
  2. Sweet_pea


    Anyone heading there tonight?
  3. Sweet_pea


    I usually go on Wednesday but we could only get a Thursday coach ticket this year. I'm really going to miss it. Being there on the Wednesday just mooching about, getting your bearings before the craziness starts. It really is a magical time.
  4. It beautifully clear here in the City
  5. This thread has descended into utter CHAOS* *I'm very much enjoying the doggies and kitties
  6. Sweet_pea

    D&B acts?

    I mean, I guess i don't HAVE to get on it.... Krakota is with Hospitality. Awesome set at HITP last year. Deffo check him out if you're still up and about at that time
  7. Sweet_pea

    D&B acts?

    I'm partial to a bit of sing-a-long DnB too 😆 I'll be over in Samula at Grafix on Monday morning...I have to get my coach at 4....gutted to be missing Krakota on the 4-5 set.
  8. Sweet_pea

    D&B acts?

    I did say "if that is your sort of thing " 🙂
  9. Sweet_pea

    D&B acts?

    I second all of this! Plus Sub Focus and Wilkinson are about, if you like that sort of thing 🥰 Head to the Temple for Foreign Beggars on Thursday 8pm
  10. One massive game a musical statues
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