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  1. Hey people, I purchased my silver 3 day camping ticket way back in January with a couple of friends saying they were going to leave it to the last min to get cheap tickets. As expected they are now saying they've left it too late and can't afford it! I was considering just selling my ticket but that line up is too good to miss. So i'll be driving down from Glasgow on the Friday, if anyone is looking for a lift down (and back) just let me know. Was already planning on covering the costs of fuel, so a £10 each is good with me, really just looking for some banter instead of sitting myself for 4 hrs. I'll have space for 4 people, although the back 3 seats may be a bit cosy depending on how much people are bringing. As usual i'm going to be travelling very light, o should be plenty of space for bags, tents & booze. Cheers, Ryan .