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  1. Lecturer: The lecturer is taking the class seriously. One of the student looking towards the window side in the class room. The lecturer asks the student "For what purpose you are coming to the school?" Student: For vidhya sir(In Telugu Vidhya means Education). Lecturer: Then why you are looking towards window? Student: Vidhya(Girl friend) has not come upto now sir.
  2. Playing Hide and seek to hide in a dark place.
  3. KIDNAP SCENE: Kidnapper: Yo, I kidnapped your son, How much money can you give? Father: $500,000 Kidnapper: No Way! The amount should have a "Million"! Father: OK, Half a Million. Kidnapper: OK! Deal!!!
  4. The moment I see any one crying with difficulty.
  5. kushy26


    Wow! nice to see this thread.I too love watching cricket but not test matches but mostly 20-20 matches and one day matches.
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