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  1. There was a great toastie place that did macaroni cheese toasties, great carb on carb after a few drinks, pretty sure they were from Scotland, we went back for a second time and they were sold out, anyone know who they were and if they’ll be back?
  2. Da_J_Doc-~


    Is it not Agnostura?
  3. We found a womans purse last year and handed it into the police, had all the womans cards, driving licence and alike in it, i'm sure she was from wick or alike, what never fails to amaze me though is the people who take all the cards that they do to festivals.
  4. Well another fabulous year at bella for the Doc crew, Miss Doc junior (10) was let of the leash a little and spent most of the festival with our friends daughter (15) traversing the stalls and frequenting the wishng tree, i am informed that Eliza Doolittle and KT Tunstall were excellent. Master Doc jr really enjoyed the kids area and football field again and me and the wife enjoyed the 1 hour queue for the bungee trampolines that he stood patiently in whilst we lay on the grass supping lager and cider respectively, the whole kids area was excellent (again) with many a dad taking on the stilts and plate spining that was on offer, we watched all of stornoway whilt the women folk were away and he sung every word whilst on my shoulders. As noted by Mr Jill G the fact the whole area apart from the bouncy castles and alike is chock full of free stuff to do is a huge bonus and the organisers should have a great pat on the back. I had a great time drinking black isle lager and managed to take in a good wee band on the potting shed on the Thursday night which was a good alternative to the celidh which was jumping but just too rammed for a 6 year old, after missing unicorn kid last year i put that right and caught his set which was good without being outstanding.As noted we managed to see Stornoway and i then ran across to see one of my fave artists who had thus far, after about 60 festivals alluded me live, Badly Drawn Boy should maybe be renamed to petulant potty mouth boy after a tirade about his guitar sound and then a revertion to singin from his ipod before proving his talent on the piano before finally storming off in the huff, grade a twat but still supremely talented. Took the wee lad to the woodland orchestra tent to finish off Friday as the ladies saw KT and we had a blast playing bongos and boogying to a wee band (i never got there name) from newcastle. Went to the mothers ruin wth my daughter for a wee boogie late on friday. On Saturday i managed to catch the interview with Dennis Cnavan and posed a question about labour and the Scottish Parliament, i then took in the debate about Scottish sport all in all great debates from panel and audience, managed to catch (or be dragged to) the abba medley in the venus fly trap, an excellent band in the seedlings called Met-tech who were a fusion of Metal and Techno, finished the night off at Amy Macdonald, whilst she was going down well with the crowd for me she was never good enough to headline. Other things of note were the wonderfull food, the chanting in and the temple itself, the wishing tree (as always some great comedy and poignant wishes to read)and the great nature of the whole crowd. Belladrum is fast becoming Scotlands best festival, see you all next year.
  5. Leaving from sunny Fife at 10 in the morning so may not be back on, have a great time everyone gonna be a belter.
  6. Well done enjoy yourself!!!!
  7. Da_J_Doc-~


    It was a cash back system via the drinks token potacabin last year.
  8. There are a couple of new editions under the entertainment section of the main site, Woodland Orchestra area sounds intriguing and the buskers area, which i assume is actually a list of buskers around the site???? Also there is a writers tent which will be worth a look, i also noticed that on Saturday there is going to be some sort of aerial stunt plane display overhead throughout the day (weather permitting) Love the bella.
  9. metcheck has showers thursday, friday morning then sunny & clear the rest
  10. Having just returned from holidaying in sunnier climes i thought it may be easier to post a new thread on what i have missed over the past week: Freakin hell a sell out again and loads of scrabblin for tickets, maybe the line up dosn't make this the festival to go to after all folks, huh, huh, huh?????? As for the viagogo ticket bullshampoo they can stick that where the sun don't shine and should be pushing the previously noted Scarlet Mist. Loving the new additions, King Creosote is a must see for those who don't know him i have added a few of his tracks to Spotify tonight amongst others, Eliza Doolittle looks like being my daughters must see and it is great to see i can run from Stornoway to Badly Drawn Boy, wooo hoo. Times being out again is ace and hopefully we will get all the fringey type stuff times online like last year. Anyway 4 Sleeps to go, wahey (where is Jill G when you need her???) Weather also looking like being kind to us: Sun sun sun
  11. Last years festival had an element of drunken teenage high jinx over actual neddy behaviour, much along the lines of the drunken idiocy i (and countless others i'm sure) used to undertake at festivals when i first started going at 17
  12. I,m not sure what people want from Bella but the complaints seem to be shitty headliners who are past it yet for feeder see Ocean Colour Scene or James or Echo and the Bunnymen who have all headlined in the past, the ethos on a Scottish headliner is well versed as it should be with Amy Macdonald in where the Proclaimers, the Waterboys and OCS have been in the past. Renowned bands like The Divine comedy, Badly drawn boy, Candi staton, Levellers filling slots frqunted by similar stature bands over the years such as idlewild, BSP, Cold War Kids and Biffy (who were literally unknow to the masses at the time) Add in sets from obscure but brilliant acts such as Dick Gaughan, The Wailers, Parsonage Choir, John Otway amongst many others supplemented by some great breakthrough bands like The boy who trapped the sun, Stornoway, goldheart assembly and an amazing soon to breakthrough like Rachael Sermanni and the musical ethos is pretty much the same as it has been every year to date. Now couple that with debate, stuff for the kids, theatre and some fantastic food and alcohol and you will struggle to see a better line up, certainly in Scotland.
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