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  1. jeffie

    Glastonbury font

    Just found this. Thanks very much.
  2. jeffie


    I think people have emailed already, although maybe not about who should receive the funding.
  3. jeffie


    Suppose it depends when the t-shirts were/are printed? Damn, out of hearts....
  4. jeffie


    Don't know, the Festival probably know the full line-up way before it's announced. But as you say any merchandise would be good, support the cash flow etc.
  5. jeffie


    I have no idea when the t-shirts are printed for each year, but I suspect a far way in advance of the festival. Given that. Who would buy one with a "cancelled" stamp? "cancelled, but I have a ticket for 2021" etc? Mentioned this elsewhere and people seem keen.
  6. Use what3words. It's a fairly long stroll though.
  7. What's the queue at gate C like?
  8. I've been concentrating hard, but work kept asking me bloody questions.
  9. I always end up posting this. It isn't too late to make some if you have a dishwasher. (apologies for the news rag that it's from). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2332980/How-make-perfect-vodka-cocktail--dishwasher.html
  10. DMs are the way forward. I have a pair that have lasted since 1997.
  11. That's ace, I believe you people and thank you for your help, but a post code in a field is just pure Glastonbury. :-)
  12. jeffie

    Out of office

    So what sort of OOH message are we looking at? "Fucked in a field?"
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