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  1. I was also on the 8.25 Stansted flight! On another note... does anyone have any tips for the best tapas bars near La Riveria/Sol?
  2. What's the deal with buying beers and food... is it a token system? Someone mentioned €3 for a beer, trying to budget how much cash to take!
  3. London night 2 had Florence on 7-7.45, and the Stones about 8.20-8.25 until about 10.30
  4. Was there just for Sunday. Thought it was way too crowded for the site size, although granted the bar queues were fine. The tent needed to be bigger, too much gridlock! Sound was also awful during Noel, although it did get better. Had a fun time, Editors were great! Pigeon Detectives and Beth Ditto good too. Only other thing is that I found the crowd a bit nuts... everyone seemed out of it. Not sure if it was just a Northern thing 😂
  5. Anyone who pays £275 is bonkers in my opinion... a mate and his wife also got GC on the lucky dip last night. We also got into GC with a bit of wristband swapping Was a great show!
  6. That's my plan too... park about a 10 min walk away in the streets and walk in. Does anyone have a recommended aeea to go?
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