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  1. My thoughts entirely. Latitude is very family friendly, we had a kid in 2015 and last went that year (New Order/The Maccabees/The National headliners). I thought I would be a long-term shoe in as an attendee, had been to pretty much all of them up to that point. However since 2016 it's completely gone off the boil for me musically. Every year I'm waiting to drop a load of wedge on 3 weekenders and a campervan ticket, the line-up comes out and my meh-o-meter goes into overload. Ditto Reading Festival - whoever is bookingbands for Festival Republic used to have my ear, now they very much don't. I'm sure some people think this is amazing but I'm reluctantly a no yet again. It will probably struggle to sell out again too - that never used to be the case.
  2. I had a ticket for 2017 but had to give it a miss as I had a (fortunately very mild) heart attack and had to have a stent fitted at age 44. We've got a young toddler, my wife (a keen festivaller, but who prefers not to go to Glastonbury, too big she says) had visions of me overdoing it and being found dead in my tent on the Monday. The reality is that I've made some liefestyle and diet adjustments, lost weight, and feeling fitter and healthier than ever so raring to go for 2019 if I can get a ticket! We have since bought a small Eriba caravan so I want us to go as a family in that, it will be the last year before our son goes to school before we get into all that 'term-time holiday' shenanigans, so am really hoping to get tickets. We are also keen EOTR-ers (10 x veterans), many people describe it as a 'mini-Glastonbury', I am inclined to agree. It doesn't have so much of the late night entertainment but I'm not bothered by that these days, I like to just see the bands I want to see then get my head down for midnight and enjoy as much kip as I can! Definitely recommended for anyone who is feeling the whole size of Glastonbury is a bit too much for them.
  3. Thanks for posting this. I was due to go but had to cancel the week before, my three pals went and said prety much the same. That venue is a huge disappointment to me - I grew up and studied in Brum before moving down south 20+yrs ago, my parents still live there and we often visit. We have a toddler, so getting free babysitting off the grandparents whilst we go out in Brum to enjoy a gig should be a great thing. Alas the venue for bands I like is always the bloody O2 Academy, it is shockingly piss-poor run. What makes it worse is that I go regularly to the Brixton/Islington/Oxford Academy venues and all of them are run well - you have to queue at the bar a bit for busy gigs, but no more than a few minutes. Brum just seems to be shockingly understaffed every time I go, so much so I've now given up. UTV, by the way!
  4. Great review - I only saw three of the bands you did (Gruff Rhys, Colter Wall, Titus Andronicus) but agree on all of those. Disappointed I missed John Cale. He was on my CLashfinder but we didn't get over to the Garden for reasons I forget, my loss it seems!
  5. I was about to reply with "but they've been back since" ... checks Google ... shit no, 2011, time flies! Agree it would be good to have them back . *fires up 'Take Me Somewhere Nice' *
  6. I didn't venture into the Big Top at all this year, but it's always frustrated me in the past that they haven't had a Stage Manager give a quick, "can you all move a bit closer so people can get in" style announcement. Am guessing they didn't?
  7. My butler said he thought he saw some common people, but I assured him that Security had them shot at the gate. One of the myriad reasons I favour EOTR over other festivals is that is full of 'nice' people who, in the main, know how to behave in polite company. I'd rather it were full of 'posh' people than aggressive fighty chavs with their little manbags, ketamined off their face, dropping litter everywhere and generally being obnoxious fuckwits, as is the case at many other festivals these days.
  8. I carried some beers to the main stage in a Waitrose bag, but I thought I got away with it ....
  9. Much as I’d love to see Grandaddy there again, it’s not clear what their future plans are following Kevin Garcia’s sad passing, has all gone very quiet. Would love to see them return though. I’d like to see Bill Ryder-Jones and John Grant back again, along with British Sea Power. All previous performers but just artists I really like.
  10. My tenth consecutive visit, already booked for next year! I’ve done group camping with my mates, family camping with a 6 month old, then the last few years with my wife and toddler in the campervan field which is great. To the poster above who seems to be without kids, but then camps in family camping and expects them to not make a noise at 7am, you really need a reality check. We occupy our son quietly so that he never disturbs anyone, but you really can’t complain about the kind of entitled pricks with stupidly named children who encourage early hours noise. Frankly you’re on their turf, peace and quiet would be great but not guaranteed, take your chances in General Camping (as per the T&Cs, if we’re being pedantic). Anyway, I digress. Musical highlights: Du Blonde, Josh T Pearson (met him in the Garden on Sun and had a chat/photo), Gruff, Vampire Weekend, Titus Andronicus, Ezra Furman and the kids disco in the woods. Absolute standout was The Wave Pictures, I first got into them playing the Tipi several years ago and for me they never disappoint. I don’t think they were being particularly chippy at all, Dave has a bit of a sardonic wit about him, perhaps that was misconstrued. Lowlights: I left St Vincent after 30 mins to see Jeff Tweedy. Absolute snore fest, my friend actually fell asleep standing up leaning against her husband. I ejected back to St Vincent to catch the end of her set, which was pretty impressive, I’m not normally a fan but enjoyed it. I like Feist but I thought she was a pretty low key closer to the main stage, it went down like a bit of a damp squib. I saw her wandering past the Cider Bus on her own about 20 mins after her performance looking a tad non-plussed, as was I. Others: generally low w*nker count but a massive amount of dickheads chucking cans in toilets and urinals. Never seen this at EOTR before, don’t know why people need to do it when there are bins everywhere. Big queues for water in the campervan field on Saturday (one standpipe, usually three) was a tad irritating, I wonder if metered on water and trying to save on this? Showers were mostly cold. Kids: like it or not it’s a festival that appeals to families. I’ve been many times ‘pre-kid’ so have previously been frustrated by unlit buggies/mass space hogging etc. All I will say is that we stand at the back of the Woods/Garden, buggy bedecked in neon, never go in the Tipi/Big Top because it’s probably a pain for us, our kid, and anyone else around. My boy did love playing his drum on my shoulders with Stealing Sheep’s Suffragette Movement’s procession (another great highlight), thanks to the kind folk who said he made their day, he and I both loved it. Food: did my annual pilgrimage to Goan Fish Curry and The Curry Shed, with added bonuses of Pieminister and Le Grande Bouffe, all splendid. Drink: I enjoyed a few Beavertowns - yes it is pricey, but a festival treat - but in the main drank copious amounts of Brewdog that we took onsite. I think people forget how lucky we are with EOTR allowing that, the previous weekend I was stood in the rain at Reading drinking watered-down Carlsberg at £5.50 a pop with little other choice. Back for more of the same in 2019!
  11. Hi Julia - Steve (Eriba!) here! Good to see you, albeit briefly! As far as I could make out there was no checking, we just drove in with our regular pass and parked up in the end of a row. In true EOTR fashion the stewards were very accommodating, let us an our immediate neighbours all juggle things about so we maximised available space. Had such a good time - our collective posse has grown from two to thirty five people over 10yrs, have booked 2019 already! 😀
  12. I was going but some other issues (busy life, toddler to deal with etc) mean I can’t make it. I was disappointed at the venue change as I had a (fortunately refundable) hotel booked at the NEC, which I would have gone to. I’ve got some mates going so if anyone wants a last minute ticket I’d take 35 quid, they can meet at venue. PM me if interested and I can sort out details.
  13. We're thinking of going to this for one day on the Sunday, mainly to see Maximo Park/Ride/James. Only logisitical challenge is we have a 3yo who will need to go to sleep in his buggy from about 8pm. He's fairly well travelled as a festival baby (has done Reading at 6 months old, Latitude and three End of the Roads), it's all fine as long as there's a bit of space at the back of the crowd we can hang out in with his buggy. Looking at the photos on the website the main stage looks to be rather hemmed in, bit of a sardines job. Is it as busy as it looks? Thanks
  14. I went in 2009 (only seems like yesterday!) had a great time, it's a rather unique place to have a festival. Not been back since only because of clashes with other events, I'd love to go again. Might go again this year as I'm a big BSP fan.
  15. We're looking at going to this - we are End Of The Road veterans, so interested to see something else on the same site. I get the impression fro the website it will be very similar to EoTR. Any significant differences to note?
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