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  1. I've seen Billy Idol at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas (on a stage in the middle of the fake sea!) and it was bloody brilliant. I got a presale link for this Arena Tour via his FB page yesterday, but the London gig is Wembley Arena (meh!) and is all seated (meh!). I know his audience is a certain age demographic, but we're not all dead yet! Can't abide all seaters. I really hope he is on the Glastonbury bill, I will be there to see him.
  2. Same here. It was a bit disappointing for me as I normally go with family (6yo son) where Big Top/Tipi aren't the most kid friendly, thus have mostly avoided them the last few years. This year was a solo mission hence was looking forward to paying both a visit, but avoided them for similar reasons as I am 'on the vulnerable list' due to long-term immune system meds. Although I appreciate EOTR were trying to run as 'normal' a festival as possible, I thought they could have perhaps open-sided alternate panels on the Big Top to improve ventilation, just as a one-off. Alas not to be. I'll be Lateral Flow testing every other day until Saturday to make sure I'm OK ... negative so far. As an aside, Lateral Flow would be a great album title, if someone doesn't pick up on it I will write a strongly worded email to the NME! 😀 ETA: 'Lateral Flow', a 2020 dance single by XepheX
  3. Ah, the dreaded 'relevant', dropped into every post on the internet dripping with music snobbery. I like the Pixies, I'm not a massive uber-fan, but every time I've seen them they have impressed me. They're a big old name and will put bums on proverbial seats. Plenty of other 'relevant' (to what?) acts on other stages if you don't like the headliner, every EOTR-er knows that.
  4. I gave the Big Top and Tipi a swerve all weekend as I just wanted to manage risk (I am double-vaxxed but am/was on the 'clinically vulnerable' list due to a suppressed immune system). It didn't make much difference to my weekend as I normally float between Garden and Woods anyway. Home last night as I have to work today, did a lateral flow which was negative but I will continue doing so this week. Overall I felt it was a really Covid-safe event, apart from the odd person who didn't give enough personal space, but easy to navigate away from them.
  5. Thanks for the feedback all, we went, we saw. we had a great time! Dodgy on Thursday night for early-birders were excellent, also really enjoyed Supergrass, Embrace, Republica and Jesus Jones. I was a bit disappointed that the Manics finished when they had 15 mins still to play, I've seen them loads and just thought that they weren't really feeling the love for the place on Sunday night. My wife was a bit miffed at the sheer amount of chairw*nkers (her words!) hogging space by just setting their chairs up in a circle and holding a load of turf all day long, often absent, making it difficult for others to find a spot. We got the impression that most people arrive, pick a spot for the day, resolutely do not move from it. We enjoyed alternating between the two stages and saw lots, enjoyed some great food (had to time it right to avoid queues) and really liked the very reasonably priced (for a festival) Purity Bar. A relaxed approach to BYO booze was brilliant. I loved it, 6yo son loved it, wife not so convinced, but I hope we will be back. Only problem we have is that it clashes with Reading, which is a mile from home - line-ups will ultimately decide it. Only slight complaint from me was a complete lack of any mobile/4G or wifi signal on site for the entire weekend, I expect the networks were swamped. I personally wouldn't mind a few extra quid on the ticket price if they bought in some booster masts - no idea how much these things cost but the bigger festivals manage it.
  6. That's a shame, I quite like the PD's, although my brother loathes their name and rips the piss out of it remorselessly!
  7. Reading resident and multi-time veteran here, I live about a mile from the site. We're not going this year for the first time since the 90's (I'm 49, not really the demographic they are after!) so having a year off to go elsewhere, but hope to b back in future. My biggest concern is the noise issues; currently the main stage points Westwards, so any noise complaints generally come from a small number of well-healed residents of The Warren (the big houses the opposite side of the river) and Caversham Heights, or the more Average Joe types in West Reading and Tilehurst, but the noise has to travel a decent way before it hits the latter. If FR don't go 'side-by-side' and decide to put a main stage at what we currently know as the back of the arena, facing eastwards towards Caversham, then I can imagine there is going to be a significant increase in noise complaints from the local NIMBYs. It's already a very sensitive issue, people often complain, it gets turned down, etc etc. It's a fairly divisive issue. Loads of people love the festival for what it does for the town, but there is a fairly large vocal minority who don't, who will already be up in arms about (I paraphrase) "all these unvaccinated kids coming to town, spreading their Covid" etc etc etc. Dumping a load of additional noise on their doorstep is a recipe for getting said NIMBY's hackles up. Call me a traditionalist, but now is not the time to be experimenting with new layouts.
  8. Any eFestivals folks going? We booked for 2020 and rolled over tickets, has an appeal as we're late 40's with a 6yo kid so the 'family friendly' bit helps, having said that our lad went to Reading as a 6 month old baby so he's fully used to the festival drill by now! I've been shielding during the pandemic (long-term immuno-suppressant medication) but was double-jabbed ages ago and am just trying to get on with life. Bit nervous about getting out amongst too many people, but from what I've seen from previous years it is not a massively 'busy' festival, so there should be plenty of space around. We normally do 4-5 festivals every year, so having done none last year and only one this year I am absolutely chomping at the bit to get out there. Hopefully the bill will remain as advertised, but it was quite dispiriting to follwo the Latitude socials this weekend, loads of artists had to pull out, I'm guessing because of the 'pingdemic'. Rules will change after 16th August so I hope it will be as expected.
  9. Was it really that bad? I'm a long-time Latitude veteran, but just didn't fancy the line up this year enough to pay for me, wife, son and caravan so gave it a miss. I would have loved to have seen Fontaines DC but they were a Covid casualty. What was the family camping like? I've done 'normal' camping several times and found it great. When our son came along we moved to the family area, found it really spacious but terribly lacking in facilities - an hour queue for the loos in the morning back in 2017. We've since upgraded to a caravan with our own facilities so can all avoid that. I saw on Twitter that there were a few complaints about caravans and motorhomes being rammed in only 2 metres apart, was that the case?
  10. For me it is the rise of social media, 100%. We camp near the (old) John Peel stage in Lower Mead, hence my username. I walk past The Beat Hotel a lot navigating between stages and often wonder how many people stood there on that bloody podium would be there if Instagram, Twitter and Facebook didn't exist. Not a lot, I would wager. "Look at me and my amazing fake Insta life at Glastonbury (not watching any actual bands)!!!!"
  11. Be nice if they did - I got my photo with them last time they played, the first time that Eric was on sole frontman duties after Tim Smith left, but I sadly feel their star has waned a little. I watched EB The Younger and whilst it was decent, I was just stood there thinking "It's nowhere near as good as Midlake" I guess they'd need to be promoting a new record, to justify a touring budget etc. Hope to see them back though - the Bella Union association always helps.
  12. It is yes, hello! Likewise if we do decide to go we are going to 'Go Large' on the pitch. It's all line-up specific at the moment unfortunately.
  13. We go in our caravan these days, when we got back to it about 1am on the Sunay night/Mondaay morning it was as you say ball-shivering, I know it's not helping matters but I put our gas fire on max, went to sleep cosy but woke up sweating buckets at 6am!
  14. I am looking at this festival for next year but have no intererest in this cashless nonsense. As you say, if they have a problem with cash handling just use contactless cards. Or is it because there is bugger all internet coverage there that the card terminals rely on?
  15. My 10th consecutive EOTR, now with a 4yo in tow who is a five-time veteran. Musical highlights: Spiritualized, Jarvis, The Beths, Courtney Barnett, Seazoo (met and had a chat in the Garden, nice lads), Israel Nash, EB The Younger, Let's Eat Grandma, Ohtis, Deerhunter, Mitski, Parquet Courts 'noodling' bit (I don't like the singer's voice, but loved the extended guitar play out at the end). I don't even bother going in the Big Top any more. Too dark, sweaty, not really suitable for kids, the enclosed sides create a capacity issue. I wish they would just do away with the sides to that tent like pretty much every other festival, so that people could chill out listening and watching around the periphery. Yes, I realise that there would be a noise-bleed issue to The Woods, but surely the could configure the site to avoid this. Other festivals in a compact space manage it. Food was generally good, but I really missed Goan Fish Curries! Much improved water provision in the Campervan field was a bonus. As always, met lots of nice people and a very low dickhead quotient. My only complaint the last couple of years is the toilets; Andy Loos used to be absolutely on top of their game, throughout the entire festival, right through to Monday morning. Perhaps it is a sign of increased punter numbers with no commensurate increase in their budget, but it feels like they just give up on Sunday afternoon now. Not the award winning bogs I often voted for in the festival awards. Alas we might have to have a year off in 2020 as the schools have already gone back the week of EOTR2020, makes it only really viable for us to do Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I suspect a lot of families will be making the same choice.
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