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  1. For me it is the rise of social media, 100%. We camp near the (old) John Peel stage in Lower Mead, hence my username. I walk past The Beat Hotel a lot navigating between stages and often wonder how many people stood there on that bloody podium would be there if Instagram, Twitter and Facebook didn't exist. Not a lot, I would wager. "Look at me and my amazing fake Insta life at Glastonbury (not watching any actual bands)!!!!"
  2. Be nice if they did - I got my photo with them last time they played, the first time that Eric was on sole frontman duties after Tim Smith left, but I sadly feel their star has waned a little. I watched EB The Younger and whilst it was decent, I was just stood there thinking "It's nowhere near as good as Midlake" I guess they'd need to be promoting a new record, to justify a touring budget etc. Hope to see them back though - the Bella Union association always helps.
  3. It is yes, hello! Likewise if we do decide to go we are going to 'Go Large' on the pitch. It's all line-up specific at the moment unfortunately.
  4. We go in our caravan these days, when we got back to it about 1am on the Sunay night/Mondaay morning it was as you say ball-shivering, I know it's not helping matters but I put our gas fire on max, went to sleep cosy but woke up sweating buckets at 6am!
  5. I am looking at this festival for next year but have no intererest in this cashless nonsense. As you say, if they have a problem with cash handling just use contactless cards. Or is it because there is bugger all internet coverage there that the card terminals rely on?
  6. My 10th consecutive EOTR, now with a 4yo in tow who is a five-time veteran. Musical highlights: Spiritualized, Jarvis, The Beths, Courtney Barnett, Seazoo (met and had a chat in the Garden, nice lads), Israel Nash, EB The Younger, Let's Eat Grandma, Ohtis, Deerhunter, Mitski, Parquet Courts 'noodling' bit (I don't like the singer's voice, but loved the extended guitar play out at the end). I don't even bother going in the Big Top any more. Too dark, sweaty, not really suitable for kids, the enclosed sides create a capacity issue. I wish they would just do away with the sides to that tent like pretty much every other festival, so that people could chill out listening and watching around the periphery. Yes, I realise that there would be a noise-bleed issue to The Woods, but surely the could configure the site to avoid this. Other festivals in a compact space manage it. Food was generally good, but I really missed Goan Fish Curries! Much improved water provision in the Campervan field was a bonus. As always, met lots of nice people and a very low dickhead quotient. My only complaint the last couple of years is the toilets; Andy Loos used to be absolutely on top of their game, throughout the entire festival, right through to Monday morning. Perhaps it is a sign of increased punter numbers with no commensurate increase in their budget, but it feels like they just give up on Sunday afternoon now. Not the award winning bogs I often voted for in the festival awards. Alas we might have to have a year off in 2020 as the schools have already gone back the week of EOTR2020, makes it only really viable for us to do Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I suspect a lot of families will be making the same choice.
  7. They were very good, would have preferred to have seen them later on, but I enjoyed their set immensely.
  8. 2020 will be our first year as parents of a school-age child. Unfortunately the schools start back the week before EOTR2020, so am having to hold fire on tickets - basically we are line-up dependent to see if it's worth the expense for what will probably be Friday night to Sunday afternoon. We might be giving Green Man or Beautiful Days a try instead for one year, a change is as good as a rest! Always wish EOTR was a week earlier on the Bank Holiday weekend so this wasn't an issue. @juliadevitt didn't see you or your Eriba this year but there were plenty of us in the campervan field!
  9. Big fan of The Cheese Truck and was about to recommend Strumpets With Crumpets but a quick scan of Facebook shows they have hung up their corsets for the last time in 2018.
  10. Really looking forward to seeing Bill Ryder-Jones, I'd normally expect to see him at the Park or John Peel, so WG will be a change. Sadly no show from WG stalwarts The Smyths this year, I had a 'chat' to them over Twitter a while back, apparently having a year off from it.
  11. My thoughts entirely. Latitude is very family friendly, we had a kid in 2015 and last went that year (New Order/The Maccabees/The National headliners). I thought I would be a long-term shoe in as an attendee, had been to pretty much all of them up to that point. However since 2016 it's completely gone off the boil for me musically. Every year I'm waiting to drop a load of wedge on 3 weekenders and a campervan ticket, the line-up comes out and my meh-o-meter goes into overload. Ditto Reading Festival - whoever is bookingbands for Festival Republic used to have my ear, now they very much don't. I'm sure some people think this is amazing but I'm reluctantly a no yet again. It will probably struggle to sell out again too - that never used to be the case.
  12. I had a ticket for 2017 but had to give it a miss as I had a (fortunately very mild) heart attack and had to have a stent fitted at age 44. We've got a young toddler, my wife (a keen festivaller, but who prefers not to go to Glastonbury, too big she says) had visions of me overdoing it and being found dead in my tent on the Monday. The reality is that I've made some liefestyle and diet adjustments, lost weight, and feeling fitter and healthier than ever so raring to go for 2019 if I can get a ticket! We have since bought a small Eriba caravan so I want us to go as a family in that, it will be the last year before our son goes to school before we get into all that 'term-time holiday' shenanigans, so am really hoping to get tickets. We are also keen EOTR-ers (10 x veterans), many people describe it as a 'mini-Glastonbury', I am inclined to agree. It doesn't have so much of the late night entertainment but I'm not bothered by that these days, I like to just see the bands I want to see then get my head down for midnight and enjoy as much kip as I can! Definitely recommended for anyone who is feeling the whole size of Glastonbury is a bit too much for them.
  13. Thanks for posting this. I was due to go but had to cancel the week before, my three pals went and said prety much the same. That venue is a huge disappointment to me - I grew up and studied in Brum before moving down south 20+yrs ago, my parents still live there and we often visit. We have a toddler, so getting free babysitting off the grandparents whilst we go out in Brum to enjoy a gig should be a great thing. Alas the venue for bands I like is always the bloody O2 Academy, it is shockingly piss-poor run. What makes it worse is that I go regularly to the Brixton/Islington/Oxford Academy venues and all of them are run well - you have to queue at the bar a bit for busy gigs, but no more than a few minutes. Brum just seems to be shockingly understaffed every time I go, so much so I've now given up. UTV, by the way!
  14. Great review - I only saw three of the bands you did (Gruff Rhys, Colter Wall, Titus Andronicus) but agree on all of those. Disappointed I missed John Cale. He was on my CLashfinder but we didn't get over to the Garden for reasons I forget, my loss it seems!
  15. I was about to reply with "but they've been back since" ... checks Google ... shit no, 2011, time flies! Agree it would be good to have them back . *fires up 'Take Me Somewhere Nice' *
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