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  1. CHRLY

    Nick Cave

    they were incredible. got there for doors and was right down the front which was so worth it, it's my first time seeing them so I didn't know he'd interact with the crowd that much. Like others have said, I loved the new songs (especially distant sky and skeleton tree to close out the main set) and the rest of the set list was perfectly judged for the arena. absolutely one of my favourite ever gigs, I'm glad most others seem to agree. I doubt it will happen but I really think he could pull of a pyramid headline slot.
  2. CHRLY

    The National

    it took a while to get going last night I think even tho I thought the new tracks sounded ace. England was the first one to get all the crowd singing properly, then they dropped off a bit again but I think I need my girl onwards was amazing and everyone else around me seemed to love it too. Secret fuckin meeting! I was happy with the oldies we got, even Lucky You was surprisingly well received down the front. Vanderlyle to end was excellent. didnt change my opinion on this is the kit, but I felt a bit sorry for them having to contend with the noise of the room.
  3. CHRLY

    The National

    Fuckin alligator is so good, every single track bags. Would love it if they brought out geese of Beverly road/val jester/friend of mine in London as a surprise.
  4. Can u get boxnation PPVs if you're just on free view?
  5. CHRLY

    The National

    Listened about 5 times now and it's grown on each listen. First time I enjoyed all the way through but didn't really grab me in the same way alligator/boxer/twfm did on first listen. Since then tracks I wasn't too bothered about in the first place (empire line, walk it back, born to beg) have all made a big impression. I like that, despite the more electronic approach, the songs are still all trademark National sounding. Matt seems the same as ever, but I'm yet to delve into the lyrical content fully. Its great, and that makes it 5 great albums in a row - they're the most consistent band atm in my eyes. P.s System till bangs every single time even after having played it upwards of 20 times when it came out, one of their very best imo.
  6. CHRLY


    The card was actually pretty good, I thought. Disappointing main event tho. really looking forward to seeing Tony back in the cage next month.
  7. CHRLY

    The National

    yeh tbf the only non-black vinyl I own is a see through of Frank Ocean's Unreleased, Misc. it's feckin gorgeous
  8. CHRLY

    The National

    Must say, the album sounded excellent - really excited to hear the studio version now! i'd be happy with a fair amount of the new tunes going off that recording. Carin at the liquor store sounded beeeeautiful
  9. CHRLY

    The National

    currently playing the album in full here: http://www.npr.org/event/music/545815805/the-national-first-listen-live-presented-by-world-cafe-and-npr-music my first listen. liking it so far!
  10. CHRLY

    The National

    also not listening to the leak tho I am so incredibly tempted to
  11. CHRLY


    lost village was worth it just for Ben UFO bringing out this banger
  12. CHRLY

    The National

    Yeah it was the mountain one, not a bad arena but the chair crowd are possibly worse than at the pyramid. The band were ok but probably a difficult spot for them.
  13. CHRLY

    The National

    I thought they were pretty boring at green man but I'll be watching again in London to get a good spot for the national
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