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  1. sloseph

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Just flown in from Reykjavik (and boy are my arms tired) to Luton then from Luton to Bristol by car, then Bristol to Lincoln for a family thing then Lincoln back to Glastonbury Wednesday evening
  2. sloseph

    Rate your excitement on an obscure level!!

    On a scale of how happy a man is, I'm currently at a man with 2 knives
  3. sloseph

    Tips on my hangover cure!

    My choice method is Lovely cold bottle of water from the milky milky milk truck Nice trip to the composters for the morning deposit If it's truly a rough one I'll take a trip to a smoothy bar for something tasty and healthy If I'm not too bad I'll find a good tasty breakfast preferably bubble and squeek from the park Then finally a nice cold sugary brothers to put a cherry on top
  4. sloseph

    Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    I was looking forward to seeing Loyle again, he's a good live act and a great guy but he's at the beginning of his career and has a lot of touring in front of him. RTJ on the pyramid should be fantastic as long as the crowd is decent, if enough of us get nice and close to the front it will be incredible I'm not against watching a bit of CRAIG David so it shouldn't be hard, my only worry is getting out fast enough to make it to Toots
  5. sloseph

    ClashFest 2017

    The Lorde Radiohead clash is my worst mostly because I could technically see most of Lorde but there's no way I'm being stuck at the back with all the talkers for Radiohead And to make it worse I'm not even really into the XX Also the sprint from RTJ to Toots is going to be a tough one but hopefully it'll be good weather and easy traffic
  6. sloseph

    Breakfast recommendations

    Bubble and squeek by the park is so far my biggest breakfast win at Glastonbury, absolutely packed full of flavour and was the perfect pic me up last year It's certainly going to be a revisit for me this year
  7. sloseph

    So where do people think is best for camping...

    How bizarre, I'd agree the toilets were always pretty clean but the queues were massive, maybe my group just had the same toilet schedule as a lot of other people?
  8. sloseph

    So where do people think is best for camping...

    I had really high hopes for Bushy but we camped there last year and I wouldn't go back in a hurry It was nice to have plenty of space and be on the milk route but other than that it was a bit rubbish, toilets were in very short supply and the distance from SE corner was absolutely heartbreaking in last years mud, also a severe lack of good breakfast options So we're on the hunt for new pastures this year, mostly I just want somewhere with good nearby breakfast
  9. sloseph

    Can I be the first to moan about it being too hot? :P

    I'm normally all for a hot sunny one but I've acclimatised to living in Iceland and I'm genuinely bricking it about it being a blazer It cracked 18 degrees here last week and I was cutting about in shorts and a t shirt and getting a slight dab on the thought of getting to England to anything more than 20 is giving me nightmares I don't want r**n but can someone turn that the thermostat down for next month?
  10. sloseph

    West Holts 2017

    Yeah there's that but my wallet and liver are going to be livid at the amount of quick trips to the brothers bar I'm going to be taking
  11. sloseph

    West Holts 2017

    I don't know if I could possibly be happier with this I'm delighted to see Kate Tempest get her spot on West Holts
  12. sloseph

    confirmed food vendors 2017

    "one of the event’s best known delicacies" I'm calling the police
  13. sloseph

    Chris Cornell

    I was only talking to someone at work yesterday about how incredible is voice is I will be blasting Superunknown nice and loud today
  14. sloseph

    confirmed food vendors 2017

    I paid £7.50 for a giant Yorkshire pudding with bangers and mash at Leeds fest many years ago I got given an plate of mash and sausage with no yorkie because they they'd run out Worst hangover ever
  15. sloseph

    Little things to make the festival better for others

    Share your drugs Share your water Share your friendship Share your suncream