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  1. I felt pretty smug opening this thread thinking I had a chance for a prize but nope not by a long shot I'm coming from Iceland, im not bothered about the flights or airport waiting time. Its the 6 hours I'm spending on a national express that I'm not looking forward to
  2. I saw Stomzy last year Sunday night of Secret Solstice Festival, it wasn't a very big festival, it had been raining the entire weekend, everyone was beyond wet and ready to go home 30 seconds into his set the fields energy was at full capacity, mosh pits popping off and plenty of sing along moments He seemed really genuinely glad to be there and excited to play, and that was just a small festival in Iceland If he brings that energy to the pyramid it's going to be great even without a new album, new material would be great but be can absolutely smash it without
  3. Buping the thread and also this video is brilliant
  4. This thread is delicious I've not felt this confused since the 2015 headliner thread and i love it
  5. Yeah it's exactly the same, there is very much an argument for fact it's too late by the time it's been made But I'd counter with the argument that if you bring it and dish it out, other people will think its a good idea and maybe do it themselves next festival, creating more demand and more plastic
  6. I don't particularly want to be this person but it looks like I'm going to be This is a fun thing to give out and I completely get it But, that's a lot of plastic that's just going to end up in a bin/landfill a few days later I'm not tying to be judgy or preachy, I've wasted my fair share of plastic but given the festival is trying hard to get people to reduce disposable plastic use this seems counter to the mission
  7. These guys have been my food highlight for the last 2 festivals The chilli cheese dosa is fantastic, it'll kick the shit out of your tastebuds in a good way I seem to remember the meal deal was well priced and filling too It is a fairly messy affair though so be prepared
  8. sloseph


    I took 25L in 5L bladders in 2015 which was a fairly warm one and I didn't have any issues I kept them in rucksack in my tent and found they kept quite chilled, the last one was actually cold on Monday morning
  9. This is tragic ? always a festival highlight We got involved in a pit to All I Want For Christmas last time
  10. sloseph

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    A little tip that I imagine most sensible people worked out a long time ago but it took me (too) many festival to think of it If you wear glasses take a glasses case with you so you've got somewhere to keep your glasses for sleepy time I must have done a good 10 festivals precariously placing my glasses around my tent until I realised
  11. I'm so happy to see this poll is going the right way. Glastocast ran one a while ago and it was way to welly heavy I did 2016 entirely in boots and didn't have any issues at all, they weren't even amazing boots just a simple Quecha pair from Decatlon
  12. sloseph

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Maybe I just don't have high standards or I've been incredibly lucky but I can't recall having to use a toilet that was in a horrid state at Glastonbury I've seen them, they're grim, but then I turn around and find a different stall, there's always one a few doors down that isn't decimated
  13. sloseph

    Other Stage Opener

    I've been thinking/hoping it could be them I was suprised they weren't on the poster and I don't l me where else they'd fit on the bill so to me it makes sense Couldn't ask for much more than starting the festival with Silent Alarm in full
  14. Fun fact Brigstock used to be a podium dancer at Ministry of sound so I'd hope he could still throw shapes As for hip hop and grime you've already got them on the list but I can't stress enough how good the new Little Simz album is, took me a couple of spins to get into it but it's fantastic
  15. I only got my ticket in the resale and my. Excitement is already too high, I've been struggling to sleep some nights because I can't stop thinking about Glastonbury
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