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  1. Nice new pair of combats purchased today Will do the trick for BD no worries.
  2. So far Camping pillow (so not much yet ) I will get some new combats and maybe a light for the tent. We will make a brand new gazebo (or decorate one anyway - see the BD forum ) Plus might do different flags this year. Oh, and an inflatable palm tree will be got
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    I don't post much in this thread, but I love my books, I do Although I note that many people on here read fiction, but I am more of a non-fiction addict really. Currently reading a fascinating anthropological look at us - Watching The English, by Kate Fox. It goes into why we talk as we do and why we behave as we do (including things like what we do when someone tries to queue jump ) And as it's about us English, it is of course, obsessed with the C word......CLASS
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