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  1. luckysalt

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    I was there, they took him away in a police car. This was V festival 2008 I believe. He had about 8 pills on him and some weed. Meanwhile me and my mate sat down on the grass thinking damn what will happen to him now and these two guys sat down said was that your mate, asked us what he had etc, they showed us the backpack they had which was FULL of pills, one of them went in, the other threw it over the fence to him and then we all went in and my mate bought a bunch off them. Oh and this was very early on in the day, like 1pm.
  2. luckysalt

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    Away from all the chat above, Im wondering here, so festivals in general, drugs are banned, sometimes you have police on entry, sniffer dogs etc. I had a friend in the past get caught on entry from campsite into the arena by police, they took him away in a police car, caution, took it off him, released. So now theyre having these testing stations, whats the situation here, the police aren't going to hang around it trying to take things away? Its all a bit, I dunno, I can't see people buying onsite then going up to one of these things to test. It just seems more a thing for the festival to be able to continue to have a license. The sounds of it, what i've read that no-one is actually talking about this festival, its never coming back. Because its trouble every year. I just hope this thing actually saves lives.
  3. luckysalt

    Childrens TV

    OK so here's the thing I was trying to think back of the Childrens TV shows I watched when I was younger and I can't remember the titles of them all so I tried having a look online and its really hard to track down TV listings from back in the day, so can anyone who watched childrens TV 80's-90's, please talk about anything you watched. Im mainly trying to think of stuff that was on Channel 4. I can remember they had Saved by the Bell, Eerie Indiana, California Raisins, Prostars, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Sharky and George, The Girl from Tomorrow. A lot of these shows were the best but people might not remember them, so anyone remember any channel 4 shown children shows?
  4. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    I think its just a little chill out area sort of thing. Probably where the Butserfest stage was last year, cus that part of the site is really underutilised
  5. luckysalt


    So ALL IN sold out in less than an hour, thats great news. I also just saw ITV have been filming the WOS shows the last couple of days, seems like spoilers are pretty hard to come across but I saw a few bits, World Title in effect and a Womens title. Bad News Barrett appears to be a bit of a GM role, [is he injured or something?] and he is also on commentary alongside, Alex Shane and So Cal Val [who now lives in the UK], I like So Cal Val, always liked her on impact so this is welcomed, I don't like Alex Shane but seems like he is probably the booker. No Dave Mastiff on these shows but Grado and Bulldogs son are back, also Will Osprey is on the shows which immediately perks up my interest. Other bigger names are Rampage Brown, Sha Samuels, Lionheart and Doug Williams. I also saw Robbie X is there, I haven't seen him wrestle personally for a few years now but I have in the past and he's pretty class. Here's hoping it turns out decent enough afterall!
  6. luckysalt


    Agreed with above as usual the post Mania WWE suckfest tradition continues. That show was utter GARBAGE, should have been called Backtrash. Rollins v Miz was overbooked to fuck, way too many false finishes, the Rollins knee injury that kept coming and going, seriously I love Rollins but his on and off selling of that injury was dreadful. The finish suffered cus as if he would be able to an effective enough curb stomp with the injury, it looked weak it was just hot garbage, I can't believe how many people online were w*nking off over the match, it was average at best, it just shows if you only watch WWE how low your standards are when you think a match it a 5 star. Fuck off. Nia v Bliss, Bliss tried her best to get a decent match out of Nia but Nia fucking sucks. She's so limited as wrestler and she can't give a convincing promo, that shit they're feeding her, its underdog promo work, but she's the champion, not the underdog, it doesn't work! The crowd shit all over it. Change the booking of Nia, she ain't a face. Never will be. What was next I cant even remember, I'll just talk about what I remember. Bryan v Cass was ok, but it was just a match that could have been done on SD, I like the storyline of Cass being pissed Bryan is getting all the attention coming off an injury and no one cares about him, I worry about Cass long term, I think he will get lost in the roster, their roster is just too big. Carmella v Charlotte was ok for what you expected here, too many rest holds, Carmella did her heel work well, Charlotte as a face I still don't buy into, it was alright, I liked the finish and was right choice to keep Carmella as champion. Tag match with the Raw guys was horrible I thought, no intensity, was just going through the motions, completely forgetable and no point to it whatsoever. Hardy v Orton I forgot even happened I just had to look up the matches, yeah it was fine but again nobody cares about this match, no point of it even taking place, nice rub to Hardy I guess, Orton needs to go away for a while hes just existing, seriously if this was the 90's and WCW was still around, Orton should be jumping over there. Now the WWE title, which should have been main event, solid match, I thought the chair spot was stupid, could have broke AJ's face how it hit back, these guys are good enough they don't need dangerous spots with a chair like that, Nakamura's booking is better as a heel, I feel you can buy into him more in this role than his face work, overall the match was strong, I fully expected Nakamura to go over, if they do put the strap on him eventually they don't want to wait too long because this feud is already kinda running out of steam, the promo work is nowhere near strong enough to carry this over months and months. Im already sick of the low blows being the focus of this feud and the finish last night was one of the worst in memory. Absolutely AWFUL. The WWE should be ashamed. So after this match came to an w*nk finish and they put on the dull raw tag match, they sent out Joe v Reigns last, the crowd were already bored minutes into the match, this match reminded me of Cena v Lesnar where Lesnar destroyed Cena for 30 minutes and then Cena popped up hit a finisher and won, the fast start of this before the bell was great, then they had Joe rest holds for 20 minutes and then lose to Reigns weakass finishers out the blue. The crowd hated the entire match, they knew like we alllllllll did how it was going to end, it was obvious, WWE did some smart booking at Mania, it was a fun show, this show was fucking shit. The roster the WWE has, its inexcusable. If you want a FUN wrestling show, go watch Impact last week, it was a really fun show, no match felt a chore to sit through and I tell you what the commentary was a hell of a lot better than last night. God imagine if WWE didn't have Corey. WWE will no doubt just stumble through summer until we get to Summerslam, where they'll put an effort in, perhaps.
  7. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Only seen them once before and that was when they headlined Summer Sundae in 2006, can't wait to see them again!
  8. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Ah Gomez are the early doors act for Sunday then, knew it would be someone already announced. Defo no big hitters coming then
  9. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    They HAVE now done the stage splits, I spoke too soon
  10. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    I thought with this they would have done the stage splits but as of yet nope.
  11. luckysalt


    LEGIT question here. Really you have to have been a long time viewer to answer this, I watched since 1989, im rewatching every Raw from beginning and PPV in order so I have some good perspective here but.... If WWE had never signed Mick Foley would The Undertaker be revered in the same view as he is now. Seriously watch Undertaker pre Mankind. He just drifts from one fued to the other, big men, the year prior to Mankind's arrival he spent the entire year feuding with King Kong Bundy and Kama [The Godfather]. He rarely spoke, he was slow, ploding, his matches pretty much fucking sucked. Thats a 6 year span of crap. His stuff is like a Roman Reigns match now. Dull, limited, repetitive. Wooden promo's where he barely spoke much. He was that era's Roman! We get to this Mankind arrival though and in these past 6 years he's only held the World title once, back in 91 for the space of a few days. No other titles, yeah come to 96 and he's upper midcard but he's still just a midcarder. Mick Foley came in, he was aggressive, Taker become aggressive back, Mankind took Bearer away, it completely changed Taker for the better in ever aspect, he started cutting promo's good promo's, he changed his ring style, became a bad ass who wasn't going to take any shit, he stepped out the Undertaker gimmick of the 1990 Undertaker and pushed it forward. The feud lasted the whole of 96 and come 97 what happens, Taker is winning the big one at Mania. Without Foley coming in would Taker have got the title at Mania, would he have reached that level again, or would he have floundered in midcard against big guys still, just existing. People think attitude era, and think Austin and Rock etc, but the attitude era started in 96 in my eyes and it was Foley who was a BIG part of kicking that off. The other guy who started it all off who I can go into detail in another post was.... Goldust. But hey this was about Undertaker. I really think if WWE hadn't brought Foley in and done this feud with Taker, Taker would never have gotten to the heights he got to, they probably wouldn't have taken Bearer off him either. Whilst im here, if you're reading this and never watched this era of WWE, watch Mankind v Shawn Michales at Mind Games in 1996. God damn at the time when I was watching that I remember thinking damn thats one of the best matches i've ever seen and I was overjoyed when I read Foley's book and he classes it as the best match he ever had.
  12. luckysalt

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Yeah like I said above doubt we are getting much more, the only big slot left is the Sunday early act. I had a look at who's on tour to see if that was why they might have held off but there isn't really anyone, in fact there's quite a lot on tour who HAVE been announced already. Paul Weller btw is playing Birmingham Arena the day before he plays Victorious now and its £49. Shows the value Victorious is. Slow Readers Club who aren't announced yet [dunno if they will be] are on tour this month and its £18. Yet still I see people moan about the cost of Victorious this year... Its still cheap as...
  13. luckysalt


    Bit late to this, I watched half Friday and rest Saturday morning with my 6 year old who doesn't like wrestling apart from John Cena [honestly.... I know, sorry...] anyway it was first time he saw Undertaker, he was glued the whole match! Hated the rumble match though that I thought he would enjoy, but he was as bored as me, it was a dreadful rumble. Lets face it, it was a glorified house show. I was surprised they didn't do more with the Khali - Strowman standoff, but they hardly faced each other. Rey Mysterio was just there, Mark Henry was in and out, that Sumo guy, WTF was the point in that??? The crowd was 50/50, 50% wanted to be there watching the show and the other half just seemed to be there for the sack of it not even really paying attention. I expect they'll probably do this once a year and imagine not many will tune in next time and that belt Strowman won was bloody shite.
  14. luckysalt

    Shine On Birmingham

    I know, I guess its cus they can do more at that venue than the 'Arena' [the NIA] But the NIA would have been preferred by me. I actually have a gig at the Genting in June, first time ive been there in ages I think. I tend to avoid it also.
  15. luckysalt

    Shine On Birmingham

    Got announced today. Looks like its the Indie version of Slam Dunk except not as strong in depth and more expensive... Its a right mish mash of acts here, looks like they just threw anything together. Still Orbital inside an arena interests me I havent seen them for a few years and im a massive fan, couldn't make the outdoor gig they did in Birmingham last year, but IMO generally dance acts dont translate very well outdoors at festivals. I imagine this will be the biggest indoor Orbital gig I'll ever see. The concept, the fact is close to me and that its a Saturday are all plus points. Shame a lot of the acts are playing Victorious im going to 2 weeks before. I wish Bloc Party had been booked as sub to Orbital, that would have worked well, especially as part of the Silent Alarm dates, ah well.