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  1. geoffboycott

    UK G @ 20

    Loving this thread some classic track postings in here. Been quite a resurgence in 2 step and the classic UKG 4/4 sound over the last year, which has been v pleasing to the ear. Hoping to meet up with the Godfather of UK Garage next week; Grant Nelson, such a prolific producer.
  2. geoffboycott

    Sleaford Mods

    Thought they were excellent. Saw them a couple of years ago on JP and def had to see them again this year. I know some aren't keen and it is a 'basic' setup, but for me that's the beauty of it and part of the performance - quite a nice contrast to the stage setup of Flaming Lips afterwards. Just have to listen to the lyrics, very on topic and the venom filled delivery really comes across.
  3. geoffboycott

    Name and Shame

    What a pair of total arseholes, hope it comes back to bite them, they deserve it. I noticed in one of the comments from someone who says they were involved in stewarding Pyramid, that they'd been 'tipped off' again another night about someone matching the chaps description, if so that's just notched up the malice even more, pure spite and hate. I just don't get it, I really don't.
  4. geoffboycott

    Dick move of your festival......

    3 prats near the front spent the entire First Aid Kit set chatting and sharing 'bantz' - clearly box ticking exercise for them which I don't understand. Chap and his female partner charging the stage during Sleaford Mods, pushing loads out the way (when you could easily pass through without too much difficulty), only to stumble and fall over someone, both go down, taking this innocent lady with them. The offenders then have the gall to stand up and it's clear they're off their nut and proceed to start on the innocent party saying she made them fall and spouting a tirade of abuse. Fortunately several people around stepped in and calmed the situation. I just thought you pair of selfish c*nts. Also the usual urinating next to a urinal and rubbish in the urinals.. winds me up that, totally unnecessary.
  5. geoffboycott

    acts on tonight

    Big Jim & The Twins on Bandstand at midnight... I heard.
  6. geoffboycott

    New security measures in place

    Better safe than sorry, yep; an lot of awful, awful shit has happened in the last few months, but we shouldn't just accept greater observance as a way forward, it's a slippery slope. Balance is really needed, offsetting the justified need to keep the public safe to freedom to carry on our business without interruption as much as poss and I really hope these early examples of keen searching and confiscation are just over zealousness.
  7. geoffboycott

    Big news coming from Castle Cary!

    Intrigued to know which pub in Castle Cary or you mean on the way towards to Pilton? Brook House on the way north from the station? If so, good skittle alley there must say, played a few summer cups over there. Happy fest
  8. geoffboycott

    The state of the ground.

    Yeah, v sorry about that, it's more of my West Country twang, attempting a Yorkshire accent, my apologies. But it's true and about Boyc's Mum and her pinny...oh I just remembered I meant rhubarb.... I have to go edit. Regarding the topic, it's absolutely sweltering down here, I'm about 10 miles or so from the site and it's proper backing, my back lawn is looking incredibly thirsty and cracks in the clay soil are appearing.
  9. geoffboycott

    The state of the ground.

    I concur, bet me mum could bat on that with t' stick of celery, whilst wearing her pinny!!
  10. geoffboycott

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Ha, yeah, ditto, seems to be bad any time of the year now the 303. Yeah, that's the one, Teffont route, should be fine, usually fast moving, do that route regularly to Salisbury.
  11. geoffboycott

    Route advice

    There's also another route I can let you know, that cuts off the corner and avoids closures, PM me if you want to know. Re cider, if you are going via Podimore, just before Sparkford rounabout, take turning off before (there's a cider sign), follow the road and find Weston (King Brain) cider, pull up in the yard, beep horn and choose from sweet, med, dry from the vats. It's organic and totally lush - I recommend the med or dry.
  12. geoffboycott

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Salisbury could be a bit of a bottleneck, although I'm guessing you're trying to avoid Stonehenge re Solstice? I'm also guessing others will be using the Larkhill route to avoid as well. One thing you could do, is go through Wilton, but not A36, take A30, then turn off on to B3089 (near Barford St Martin), follow that, then you'll come out at Willoughby Hedge on the A303 just before Mere - you'll miss out all the A303 holdups then and it's pretty damn quick too Then go with the rest as you've mentioned (good cut through the Bruton one, it's the one I use).
  13. geoffboycott

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Loving this thread and examples of travel dedication, great stuff!! Sadly mine is rather dull and uneventful; leave home to showground, which should be about 15mins, then shuttle bus in to Gate A.
  14. geoffboycott

    House Music

    But the good news is me mate Jordan O'Regan is now playing Kevin's slot, top lad is Jordan from Bristol and makes/plays some class House. I'll be right down front. Sorry meant to add, I didn't know the pullout was due to illness, so obv very much hope KS get's well soon.
  15. geoffboycott

    The state of the ground.

    Took wellies once in 2011, never used them and haven't bothered bringing them since.. walking boots every time.