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    this reminds me of the time i was in budapest with pinkie!
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  1. fumanchew

    something i havent dont for a while

    so after reading messedups poems it dawned on me i havent written a song for a while or well lyrics u no what i mean thought of doing one right now but people might think im just copying beki or summin might write one in private and post it later on other news forest vs carlisle tonight CMON U REDS!!
  2. fumanchew

    well its certainly been a long time

    well thank you =]
  3. happy birthday sheepy baaaaa!

  4. fumanchew

    well its certainly been a long time

    was just reading my last blog i posted and its funny how somethings never change, forest arent top but second and still in league one but i think this will be the season, italy did qualify for this summers championships and into a group of death my medications still fine still taking it still just working fine lol i performed richard III well and passed my HND but didnt get onto the top up year but alas i shall return in the autumn to finish my degree off should be exciting hope some one reads this
  5. everyone loves beki on efests ive had like one visitor in the last 3 months lol =^_^=

  6. lmao indeed, hopefully make the meet up a new experience this year :P

  7. n00bies bloody everywhere HUNDREDS OF THEM >_< !!!!!1!0

  8. i didnt ask for sex lol! anyway not long to wait now!

  9. noooo lol i meant askin 4 sex men part lol

  10. you should so tell everyone what? im not lying :(

  11. hahaha look how many guys checked ur profile wen u mentioned no sex awww claire i shud so tell everyone :P

  12. shepherds pie son, shepherds pie!

  13. yes, yes i can as can u.

  14. well now you definetly know i've been visiting your profile =]