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  1. We wandered up to Strummerville late on Friday night, so it was actually about 1.30, 2am and were sitting around the fire there. The DJ (there were a few of them all together actually) were amazing. I never went up to ask their name as I thought I could just look it up later but I can't find a full Strummerville line up listing anywhere. Does anyone know who was playing at that time?
  2. I've heard people say this but I don't think it's true based on experience. I've been in 13, 14, 16 and 19. Was lucky to get tickets each time, either myself or one of our mates got in and got the tix. None of us live in the UK - all in different parts of the EU.
  3. Saw him (or is it the name of a whole band?) in Leftfield on the way from Kamasi Washington in West Holts over to the Other to see Christine and The Queens - it sounded so great we went in and watched for a while. Really energetic and fab sounds. Had to look up who they were after. Quality.
  4. Thanks to the weather gods and to the fantastic updates from the weather gurus for navigating us through the "it's going to be a washout" to " it's going to be a scorcher" to IT'S GOING TO BE JUST RIGHT! I'm just about packed, wearing the boots in and have the trainers in the bag. Have a wonderful festival everyone. One more sleep.
  5. To be sure to be sure.
  6. There's a place that sells champagne, wine and (I think) prosecco on the strip with all the food places between the Pyramid and the Other Stage - it's on the left as you come from Pyramid quite close to Other. The chap that runs it is very funny and looks a lot like Bill Nighy. It's probably a bit pricey but that's champagne for you
  7. I'm coming in on the Wednesday morning early, otherwise we'd jump at this. As a matter of interest, who did you book your taxi through?
  8. I'm going to try and make some of the Leftfield talks this year, haven't made it before. I've plenty of gaps so I'm looking forward to wandering. Speaking of Leftfield, I recommend Fontaines DC at 6pm Sunday, Kojaque in Pussy Parlure at 10pm Sunday and you can't go wrong with Black Madonna followed by Mr Fingers in NYC Downlow Sunday if you're staying up late (I have clashes for these so will have to miss but I've seen them before so think they'll be great).
  9. Good advice thanks, yes it's very similar to the pic I posted. I need something to go over the toe though in case of mud / wet ground. I take your point about bin bag solution, tbh I already thought it was a bad idea. I didn't know there were actual covers available. I'll have a dig around online and see if I can find one with a covered toe.
  10. Hiya, looking for advice for anyone who might have weathered this before. My partner has a hurt foot and is currently sporting an orthopaedic boot. It will be making the trip to Glasto with us. I reckon we'll be able to get around generally, taking our time and what not, as the foot will be much more healed by then but I need an all weather solution. Your socks stick out of those things and while the base is rubber there is lots of neoprene etc. so if it gets wet / muddy it will be a pain. I thought about putting a plastic bag up around it but if anyone has a better hack I'd appreciate it.
  11. There is a big tent in the Greenfields on the right as you walk up towards the Stone Circle - they do amazing Chai (which is delicious with a dash of rum thrown in) but also really decent no nonsense filter coffee - can't remember the cost but it's cheap compared to other places.
  12. Fizzpop

    EE Powerbars now live

    Do you know if you can buy these at the festival or do you have to order online and bring it with you? I can't see any information on the links.
  13. Is this anecdotal or is it for sure? We fly as we're coming from abroad and I usually bring a little gas stove for coffee and pick up a canister of propane at the festival, along with a couple of chairs. I just don't want to drag all the coffee pot fixings over only to find out there are no camping gear stalls - if you could point me where or who to ask I'd appreciate it muchly.
  14. Hi folks, can anyone tell me if WV tents come with any bedding, or the option to get bedding - e.g sleeping bags and air mattress? We are coming in from overseas so the less luggage the better for us as we have to pay for luggage on the flight. Appreciate any info in advance.
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