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  1. Johnny Appleseed

    Other Stage Delay Towers

    Cool mate fair enough but this discussion isn't the point of the topic - I really believe Glastonbury need to make some considerations for improving the sound on the Other Stage and I think delay towers is the way to go.
  2. Johnny Appleseed

    Other Stage Delay Towers

    Talking from first hand experience - the sound levels for the Cure were superb - if you position yourself correctly behind those delay towers there's no way you can complain its too quiet. I guess Michael Hann was either at the wrong stage or on the fairground swing at the back of the park so couldn't hear anything over the rides jingles and his own screams. "two hats" - yep huge improvement. I've been to Hyde Park summer gigs on and off for over 10 years now and you can definitely see the improvement.
  3. Johnny Appleseed

    Other Stage Delay Towers

    Having been to a few British Summer Time gigs at Hyde Park this summer it has got me thinking about the sound quality at the Other Stage as well as its capacity size. I remember vividly the complete crush at the back of the crowd when Blondie opened the stage in 2014. My mates and I were pretty much up against the food vendors at the back while everyone else pushed past to get elsewhere. There was a very slight breeze too which meant the sound quality for parts would be nothing more than a base murmur until the wind changed direction - not only that, when the weather was fine we could still comfortably talk and hear one another without any issue which for the second biggest stage, is pretty poor. Hyde Park (of course far bigger in size) has 2 banks of delay towers. For The Cure and then on Sunday for Paul Simon we were well over 100m back from the stage but the sound levels were incredible due to the delay towers, while not being able to see much on stage the screens and delay towers more than made up for it - why can't The Other stage replicate this on a smaller scale? I understand the maths behind the set up of delay towers and think the Other Stage should look into: Moving the stage back by 30meters or so to allow more room at the back of the crowd arena Adding Delay Towers to ensure those behind the halfway point (sound desk tent) can get a clear sound experience and not the muffled quiet tones it currently emits when the area is full and weather conditions are poor. I may be wrong, but while the capacity for the festival increases, the stage sizes haven't to the same extent to accommodate.
  4. Johnny Appleseed

    "Really big secret"

    Feel I should provide a quick update on the recent announcement of Johnny Depp being booked to introduce many of the films at the cinema stage this year. I co-own and manage Classique Promotions, a casting and corporarte events agency based in Birmingham and have recently received the following booking request for the Glastonbury weekend... http://www.classiquepromotions.co.uk/act/johnny-depp-captain-jack-sparrow Worse still, they've also booked out our other two Depps to give the elusion that his commitment to the cinema stage is so strong, he's willing to put in a 36 hour shift, even when there aren't any movies playing and the cinema is shut for the night. Their request was for the Depps to "..just talk. Dont engage with anyone, but just stand there and, and just talk..." I warned them that during James' (Depp no.2) shift, his knowledge of movies isn't too great so may come a bit unstuck when introducing movies (I mentioned he can juggle to a good standard as an alternative?) but they said they "don't care as they're not going to be mic'd up anyway.." http://www.classiquepromotions.co.uk/category/lookalikes?page=2 They've also booked 1 Keith Lemon, a Prince William and a Richard Gere to wander around the site as I think celebrity endorsement is high on Emily's agenda and is used as her bench mark for success. So by all means approach them (Steve who plays Prince William is actually a real crack up) but please, don't be fooled.