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  1. My auto renewal for Gold membership has paid out this morning. That's cool, even in this year of no work since January. I might not have spent much time using eFestivals this year, but I bet I'll want / need it next year so my Gold member fee will hopefully go some small way to keeping the webpage / forums going. Thanks for your hard work eFestivals!
  2. Determined to crack C25K this year, got as far as ‘chubby camel shuffling’ for 20 minutes so it is in reach! Adding in some F8 dance stuff too, so hoping for my fittest Glastonbury in 2020, though 2019 wasn’t bad.
  3. It appeared harder this year to get past the Error to the holding page this year. Laptop out performed my iPad and iPhone. They couldn’t get near the site ..... is there something awry with Apple equipment and Glastonbury, I have the same thing each year.
  4. We got our 4, really struggled this year though - 9.15 before we got on to the booking page. ... but no probs after that. Phew!
  5. Got all the tickets in our group, no luck trying for others though - sorry .
  6. We’ll try to be there, and actually stop to say hi this time!
  7. Guessing about 40 in total, but that includes the stop and listen whilst moving between areas.
  8. My renewal went through 2 weeks ago, haven’t been on much this year I admit, but always a lurker! Thanks for another great year, looking forward to the next 12 months!
  9. Yay! Count us in. Almost a record this year, 9.06am - fastest was 6 years ago (I think), at 9.04am
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