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  1. markian

    Resale Club 2019

    Really wish you guys all the luck in the world. My heart skipped a beat when I saw an email from follow that page. I have a ticket this year but I was waiting for a secret resale in 2017. This mornings ping was much more than we got in ‘17 so I hope it means something. Good luck ??
  2. Has anyone noticed that Bearded Theory tickets, which starts today only have 65% of their tickets dispatched? Hope they pull their finger out when dispatching ours.
  3. The question wasn’t about driving licenses it’s asking do you need 2 camper van passes.
  4. I tried in the resale for Kendal and was successful... I feel like such a failure..
  5. I once saw some guy get his wallet searched on the way back in one Saturday afternoon. The guy in front had a little bag of sniff in his wallet, only a bit. They guy at the table found it, asked the lad who's it was. Shell shocked lad said it was his, so searcher just tucked it back in his wallet an said have a good one. Some of them are good you know.
  6. I love ed sheeran, especially his early ad lib stuff. Got exited when he did 'I need you' at the end, then saw it was a pre watershed version. I'm just saying people will always moan no matter what.
  7. People complained when jay-z and again when Kanye west was on saying, Glastonbury is for guitar music. Stick a guy on this year with a guitar and they still go crazy!
  8. Gonna miss this thread
  9. That's the best time, when all the chancers are deflecting the attention.....
  10. Cheers, I sent it via email in the end.
  11. I can't dm the pic, and I can't upload it on the thread as it too big.
  12. From what I can gather, it was only a short conversation on Wednesday morning. The ticket will either have a persons name on. Or it will have the name for a company. There is no list on names, your id just has to match if it's a persons name. I will dm you a pic of a legit hospitality ticket.
  13. According to my contact at gfl. If the ticket has a company name on like some record label or something, then your own id will do. But if it has a persons name then youll need their id.
  14. He was after 1050 each on Tuesday. He's been stuck with them since then. I'd stay well clear, I just can't work out how he's gonna make it work. I can see people getting with his tickets.
  15. That's a guy I was talking to on twitter, Mark Dillon he's called. A quick scope through his timeline reveals he's after fleecing southern folk who have more money. Quite how a scouser who is in Liverpool right now ends up with numerous villager tickets is beyond me
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