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  1. I tried in the resale for Kendal and was successful... I feel like such a failure..
  2. Gonna miss this thread
  3. That's the best time, when all the chancers are deflecting the attention.....
  4. Cheers, I sent it via email in the end.
  5. I can't dm the pic, and I can't upload it on the thread as it too big.
  6. From what I can gather, it was only a short conversation on Wednesday morning. The ticket will either have a persons name on. Or it will have the name for a company. There is no list on names, your id just has to match if it's a persons name. I will dm you a pic of a legit hospitality ticket.
  7. According to my contact at gfl. If the ticket has a company name on like some record label or something, then your own id will do. But if it has a persons name then youll need their id.
  8. He was after 1050 each on Tuesday. He's been stuck with them since then. I'd stay well clear, I just can't work out how he's gonna make it work. I can see people getting with his tickets.
  9. That's a guy I was talking to on twitter, Mark Dillon he's called. A quick scope through his timeline reveals he's after fleecing southern folk who have more money. Quite how a scouser who is in Liverpool right now ends up with numerous villager tickets is beyond me
  10. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhh I signed up to secret glasto text alerts a few years ago through twitter. It's been great in previous years and seen many a secret set. Not so great this year with no ticket and no idea how to turn the alerts off.
  11. Ok thanks, just spoke to a mate who works for gfl, he said if it's a company name on the ticket I'll be ok with my id. If it's a persons name I'll need their id. He did add good luck and I hope you get in.
  12. Can anyone tell me about hospitality tickets? Does anyone know what the deal with the photo id required. Would my name need to be on a list or is it just so they know who is on site and allocated a ticket? Thanks.
  13. What on earth is going on with siblin today? Going absolutely mental.
  14. I'm absolutely gutted, just missed out on 2x hospitality tickets coz I dragged my heels and was sceptical at the price. Plus it took me 20mins to talk a mate round. Think that was my last chance :-(
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