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  1. Jules62

    Purchases From Poundland

    Wilkos? Decathlon? Go outdoors? - Not too sure if you have a B & M near where you live, but lots out there much cheaper than Argos.... Dont forget to get additional gas cannisters. Have an amazing time!!! http://www.wilko.com/camping-equipment-and-essentials/wilko-mini-portable-stove/invt/0331541 http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/yellowstone-portable-gas-stove-p396293
  2. Jules62

    Tickets still in transit overseas

    Telephone See tickets their number is 0115 896 0030 - sorry I don't know the international code. I'm assuming that you will be leaving soon so call them as soon as possible.
  3. Hi, the shuttle bus is right by the car park for WV before you enter the campsite site - head towards the gate where you enter to get wrist banded, its a small dirt road and there a portaloos and you are there! ... Its a free shuttle so I don't think you will need to show tickets. x
  4. Just to say you ideally need 20000 mah to last the weekend if you have a smartphone x
  5. Have you thought about your friend waiting at Castle Carey and getting on the shuttle back to there... saves the walking!
  6. Jules62

    "Is it possible..."

    Highly unlikely, you can give See a call but West CV field is small and very popular, good luck though - you never know!
  7. Jules62

    Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    Yes, but you still have to have a ticket, my son did this a couple of years ago to pitch our tent.
  8. I've just got one of these from Aldi ! available online today, in the store from 25th https://www.aldi.co.uk/adventuridge-camping-bed/p/094812145930900
  9. Our son did this for us a few years back, he was staying in Cv east and had pitched our tent by 8.15 am, sent me a photo of a very lonely looking tent in Park Home!
  10. Jules62

    alcohol infusions

    So I made my first batch of Rhubarb Gin.... bloody amazing! but it only really lasted for about 6 weeks then turned into some sort of rocket fuel!! The recipe I followed said it should last for about 6 months? so can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong? The recipe I used was 70cl Gin / 400g Rhubarb/ 50g Sugar/ juice from 1/2 Lemon Filtered through coffee filters Thanks
  11. Jules62

    Charging phone in the car

    I have an Anker one and it switches off as soon as the phone is charged - I always charge up at night, it charges faster when your phone is not in use... you will have an amazing time!
  12. Jules62


    Where is this from? the site is still showing 2016??
  13. Jules62

    Worthy view shuttle bus

    The shuttle runs directly from the coach drop off point, takes about 10/15 mins (traffic permitting) and run regularly, no long waits ... enjoy!
  14. Jules62

    The Unsuccessful

    Campervan & WV on sale now - so definitely sold out
  15. Jules62

    The Unsuccessful

    sold out .... sorry guys