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  1. we are in the camper van field for first time, but not arriving till 3ish.. guess there isn't gonna be much room left? is it straight forward to get in? any queues or owt?
  2. two from the undercard from me: Lake Poets - haunting working class folk from a lad from Sunderland - recently famed for one of his songs is used on the opening credits to the Netflix series 'Sunderland till i die' - but he has been around for years Saytr Play - young band from manchester i think, only ended up following them cos about 7 year ago i was at Kendal Calling and got friendly with the neighbours on the camp site, who ended up being the lead singer in this band. they are canny
  3. get it wrapped up and sealed tight and put in a shampoo bottle or something similar. we've never had a problem, the dogs seem to be going nuts with all the smells and all the people. don't look like a yob and just cruise past smiling. leaving it in the car and going back for it is a sound bit of advise though. the dogs clock off after tea time from what i remember. you can scope it out on the way to the car.
  4. nowt against Doves, they were initially top of my list, but got into Idles over last few months after a recommendation and i couldnt not go see them if they were playing yards from where i was stood. its more of a 'in the moment' thing. Doves are class, always have been, but this is Idles time, they are on the up, have something to say, are edgy as f*ck and very relevant.
  5. what is it with all these weather apps showing contrasting forecasts? surely they haven't all got their own independent weather stations and forecasting software, which spits out different results? me personally i think its going to be a scorcher from start to finish, based on nothing but good will
  6. awful stuff. no the wonder it was discontinued :-)
  7. cheers for that. i'm guessing that they give you some sort of direction pack with the tickets? i've been to KC countless times but can't remember ever seeing the camper field or sign posts for it :-) hope we have good neighbours
  8. sound cheers for the advice. i've no idea how snapchat, instagram etc.. works but i'm sure she does! i only want to help her sell it as i'm worried she sells it for next to nothing
  9. sound cheers for that. ticket is for Leeds. i looked on Twickets but you need to have the ticket in hand before you can post it, and apparently they don't get posted out until 5 days before the festival.
  10. Hi, can anyone advise on the best method of selling a single weekend ticket, with the seat of luxury pass thing? my step daughter has one and is unable to go now and hasn't got a clue where to start. is it likely to sell for face value on stub hub or viagogo? any advice appreciated Cheers!
  11. i've never used a campervan field before, alwasy camped. we are coming in a camper this year... is it ok for people who have camping tickets to wander into the camper field to come and have a drink etc.. with us around our camper? whats the noise generally like? is there people sitting out chatting till the late hours (i hope so). people shouting and being knobs? (i hope not) is there plenty space around the campers, to table and chairs out? whats the toilets usually like? we don't have a toilet on ours. also, is it the furthest field from the stages? do you just basically walk straight through the main camp site? i'm not exactly sure where the camper field is. is there a different entrance so you don't have to stand in the car queue? any other advice appreciated! can't wait
  12. thanks for the recommendations. i think Rhode Island is a little too far off-route but Chicago looks awesome. i might have to reconsider the camping, although i was looking forward to seeing some countryside
  13. Hi, can anyone recommend me a small to medium sized festival in America, either at the end of July or sometime in August, for 2019 ? would preferably be a festival with camping. we are doing a road trip next summer and won't have time to do a festival in the UK so are going to try and incorporate one into our trip. currently looking at Arise festival in Colorada which looks pretty relaxed and cool. would really appreciate some suggestions. Cheers!
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