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  1. Not so quiet. I work for a mental health Trust in the North and we have been told our supplies due to arrive for use on 4th Jan will now be redirected to the south. Hopefully to go to those who will need it more like those working on ICU etc.
  2. carrie2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Referendum result maybe?
  3. I took a bottle of hand soap the last time I went in 2017 and I've just purchased one of those eco-refill pouches to take this year with a screw cap lid so quite easy to carry around without it squirting all over your bag https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/291333322
  4. I've just received an email saying we can't switch to East and that getting one in April is my best bet and they're processing the refund. I think the Bath and West ones have been on sale all weekend as we purchased ours on Saturday
  5. I've just emailed them myself this morning from the customer service place so fingers crossed, were you successful in switching to east?
  6. I'm a moron of the highest order and completely forgot to try for a campervan ticket until right this minute! boo! ? Hows the campervan ticket resale usually, does anyone know?
  7. I had issues from Vodafone and it turns out they set up a bar on texting premium and charity numbers by default when you get your phone number. You may need to contact their customer services to turn it off
  8. The day of the resale I made a list of companies who have previously had Glastonbury competitions/may have them this year and these are the remaining ones who haven't as yet: Oxfam Shelter Somerset live Radio 1 1xtra 6music Western daily press Time out Signature living Metro newspaper
  9. Not only does my Mam know who Stormzy is, she knew who Dave was before I did. Frightening stuff from a 64 year old.
  10. carrie2

    Resale Club 2019

    Begrudgingly checking in...
  11. carrie2

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Can someone who is a helluva lot more savvy than me tell me why you have to click through THREE SEPARATE PAGES in the ticket buying process and not just one or two?
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