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  1. Darble felt clean throughout. The last time I went was 2017 and even Pyramid felt so much cleaner! No standing on cans or food containers constantly - very impressed with the clean up job at other each day too. Still some way to go of course, but huge improvements since 2017.
  2. This is perhaps the key - having a bit more knowledge of the festival probably helped. You would never find me queuing for a toilet in the morning - I have a pee bottle in the tent and then walk out of the campsite and into the festival for about 9.30/10 and use the empty toilets there. Same for packed out sets - I knew it would be rammed for Sugababes in a tent so arrived 2 songs before the end of Nick Mulvey and was near the front. It felt busy but with a bit of planning and organisation, it could be managed.
  3. The compost toilet vs long drop thing was just weird. First time in 5 Glastonburys that I've noticed there being a long queue for compost and zero queue for long drops which were next to each other...especially on campsites. What was that about? I didn't think the long drops looked or smelt worse than the composts really?
  4. It was rammo, wasn't it? I think it was probably a combination of everything...definitely some poor scheduling decisions made, probably a fair few sneaky entries. I wonder if the festival will speak out about the concerns given that it is on everyone's lips? Or perhaps measures will be added for next year. I had a brilliant festival and probably would of tolerated double the crowds that developed just to be there but it did feel extremely busy everywhere.
  5. I think I'll take the ideas of people here and put on my keys. On a side note, my wristband was so loose this year I could easily slide it on and off so no cutting necessary!
  6. Larraht

    cash or card

    Used cash throughout...which I was pleased with as that was my plan. I like having a certain amount everyday and stops me spending tons and tons once drunk. Only place I needed card was the Vegan Vice place and that was only on the Wednesday as I was their first customer and they didn't have change.
  7. Jeez...looks like we might need to go for coach tickets. Or give it a shot from the US.
  8. Isn't it always the first Sunday of October...I bloody hope so as in America for the following one.
  9. Larraht


    Saturday I would have tried to lay in longer and deal with my hangover rather than miserably powering on through with a grumpy face on until about 3pm. I should have seen Self Esteem and Joy Crookes but I was too fed up.
  10. I'm not sure where to start. From the moment I set foot on that grass, everyone seems happier, friendlier, kinder...and I can feel it in myself too. I have had some amazing moments over the years with people I never caught the name of. It's how I wish real life was! There is so much to see and do that it truly takes you away from life on the outside. I don't think about work or worries from over the fence. You can't even get a signal on your phone so I leave the other world behind. Its a rare opportunity to really cut off from things. I'm not saying it is easy. The sheer exhaustion of being on that high for almost a week has left me physically and emotionally in tatters. I don't come back feeling refreshed. But it is always worth it.
  11. Belinda Carisle frequently plays rockfests and things so perhaps likely...and I would be there for it!
  12. Lizzo Harry styles (and then have a Lizzo on as a special guest) Spice girls LCD Soundsystem Justice Prodigy Gorrilaz Kate Bush Most importantly however, I really hope Wheel of Four Tunes are on the bill. It just isn't right, is it?
  13. Where was annie macs? We found anna maes and though it perhaps changed name??
  14. It wasn't cheap but saved our backs! https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15979404/berghaus-double-self-inflating-mat-15979404/?istCompanyId=c2ec8a5d-93c1-4850-a97a-f4d89d7c99c8&istFeedId=2755fba0-7dfe-46a9-bfd0-09b37aed8b93&istItemId=irwiwxrmw&istBid=t&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkLvyj_rS-AIVUNTtCh0oaAmjEAQYAiABEgK4GvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
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