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  1. Larraht

    2020 headliners

    Both swifty and sheeran are a bit meh to me. I enjoy singing along to a couple of tunes from both in the car but I can't imagine going out of my way to see either. I didn't watch Ed when he played (am I right in thinking I was at Justice during that?) but I might see Taylor if nothing clashes for a bit of a dance. I would prefer Taylor Swift to 1975 personally.
  2. Larraht

    2020 headliners

    Never heard of these guys but this is really helping with a saturday hangover. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Larraht

    Deluxe Diner

    To be honest, we were all sat on long tables (like a wagamamas type set up) so you'll be thrown in with other people anyway! We all got chatting on our table, as you do at Glastonbury so flying solo would be fine I imagine!
  4. Larraht


    This is how we do it too. Generally, we queue with everything we need for one night - I take a framed camping bed, I know its a luxury but you walk so far that it is nice coming back to a proper bed and not an air bed. So in the first trip we take the tent, bed, sleeping bags, some alcohol...maybe a change of clothes. Then we set up and head into the festival - we will generally head back to the car early morning next day (we camp at gate A so its fairly straight forward) or last year we got everything after the fireworks about 1am.
  5. Larraht

    Deluxe Diner

    Yeh! It was great! A bit of a novelty have proper plates and cutlery and tables to sit at. They had a bit of live music during dinner too. The cocktails were cold and the food was good (I wouldn't say it was earth shattering but worth the money, given the atmosphere etc). We ate, relaxed around the South East Corner and then watched the fireworks at stone circle. It was cool!
  6. Larraht

    Deluxe Diner

    Think it was £35 a head?
  7. Larraht

    Deluxe Diner

    If I remember right I had a lobster bisque risotto and sticky toffee pudding? Strawberry daquiris with ice served to the table, it was a great start to the festival.
  8. Larraht

    Deluxe Diner

    That would of been amazing!
  9. Larraht

    Deluxe Diner

    Can anyone remember when bookings open for the Deluxe Diner? In 2017 we booked in for the 3 course meal on the Wednesday and it was a lovely start to the festival, we would love to do it again!
  10. Larraht

    Headliner Poll

    Daft punk, GaGa and Queen would have me at Pyrimad all 3 nights.
  11. Can anyone recomend a lightweight, comfortable camp bed? Yes, I know I'm a princess but honestly I ache so bad after all the walking that a camp bed is definitely a desirable luxury for me. Our problem is we have a big heavy framed double which we complain about dragging through the queue and back to the car every year so woild like something a bit lighter if possible.
  12. Love this thread! There is so much that it means to me but the best bits are: - Being able to take those who are new to the festival and them being like 'ahhh, I get it now' and becoming as obsessed as you. - The way that once you get in the queue everyone just gets overtaken with waves of kindness and loveliness....One year some guy came and handed out a big tray of doughnuts to everyone around us early doors and another hot year someone prepared loads of iced water and handed them out to everyone...and the feeling carries on until Monday morning. This will be my 5th year and I've never seen a fight. Pretty remarkable for somewhere with so many people and so much alcohol. - Stumbling on amazing, unique experiences. Theatre and circus is a great place for this as are smaller stages - particualrly on Thursday. Honestly, after a fallow year and failing at getting tickets last year...I can not wait!
  13. Aaaannndddd...were back. After a fallow year and a failed year this year, it feels good to start obsessing over weather again.
  14. We are in!! After failing miserably last year for the first time last year, I am so pleased to be celebrating Glastonburys 50th during our 5th visit. We had no luck on any devices but one of our group of six came through for us! Over. The. Moon.
  15. Larraht

    Good Luck ALL !

    ...sacrificed a goat and offered my first born this morning. I'm sure the second sunday in October is the day where my anxiety hits its highest level all year round. Good all to you all! May everything work out for us all!
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