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  1. Larraht


    Saw at the o2 last night - what a show! I was surprised by how many songs were included from plastic beach and Demon Days - a long set list. Also special guests included Shaun Ryder for Dare and Noel Gallagher for We got the power. I'm a bit pregnant so it seated for us but would love to see a slot at Glastonbury 2019 and be in the thick of it. Damo did good and the crowd seemed to be really into all the songs...even from Humanz.
  2. Larraht

    Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    Also followed this advice - froze 10 bottles and popped in a cool bag. By the time we were half way through zig zag some bottles were appropriately melted enough to drink the liquid and refill with cans of margarita and G&T which I brought. Ice cold cocktails in the queue were perfect. We also decided to just take our tent and what we needed for that day/night on our first trip meaning just a small back pack each with a trolley between the four of us. It was bang on the money and even found the energy to do the 2nd trip at 1.30am thursday morning so no wasting time the next day. Will definitely be considering doing the same next time.
  3. Larraht

    The best place to **** was ****

    The best place to ensure long, tired walks back to the tent was Darble.
  4. Larraht

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Yep, V fest was my first festival experience. I was stood in the queue, saw people walking up and down selling the lanyards - bought one (think it was a bloody tenner) only to realise when I got in that I had bought an unofficial one and all the times were wrong!
  5. Larraht

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I'm not sure I would go to be honest - Glastonbury would lose it's roots if it didn't have a political heart. It would become like a super big V fest *shudders*. I do feel for Torys going (but only a little). This has got me thinking, though.There must be right wing festivals? There's a right wing shopping centre of sorts near my home with loads of signs everywhere going on about Brexit and stuff - I choose not to shop there, just as I would choose not to go to a right wing festival. I suppose my point is, if Torys don't like the political persuasion of the festival, maybe don't go? Leave some tickets for the rest of us!
  6. Larraht

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    You have never encountered anything political at Glastonbury Festival? I'm genuinely interested in which areas you go to because I literally can not think of anywhere which is completely void of politics there. Pyramid is perhaps closest I could get to (although lots of bands make political references) or maybe Stone Circle?
  7. Larraht

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    I have posted this elsewhere but seems relevant: I have a 5 year old daughter who has never came with me (she has a little break with nan each year). Out of interest I thought 'eh, take a look at the kidz field - see what its like'. I was not prepared for the sheer amount of joy in one place - it was beautiful. Every single kid seemed to be shining. There is lots of signs up too which made me reminise about being a child (something like 'pretending to be an aeroplane is permitted in this area' etc). Anyway, by the time I was out I needed a good 10 minute sob to get it all out - and then decided the sprog is coming next time, I can't not share this with her.
  8. Larraht

    Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    I would like to see a wider availability of things at night too, after headliners. Theatre and Circus may be good? Some of the weirder acts on until 2/3am maybe? I would also like to see perhaps other acts who would play late on a thursday offered after headliners too (wheel of four tunes, omg its the church, ny brass band type ilk). I actually don't mind going for a little rave but its always such a mad mission to get into south east corner and silver hayes just doesnt really float my boat.
  9. Larraht

    BBC Highlights Show

    We did see Jo Wiley with Hot 8 being filmed for a song or two so maybe there is one of those little slots the BBC do with smaller acts? I love Hot 8!
  10. Larraht

    Random bursting into tears

    I always have a 'sunday cry' about something. Last year it was because I spoke to my 4 year old on the phone who wasn't there. This year because I walked through the kids field and the sheer happiness of all the little ones got me. Come to think of it, kids make me cry.
  11. Larraht

    New Experiences

    Finally saw Mik Artistic and Lekkido lord of the lobsters (loved that act!) Found the dragon! Went up the look out point in theatre and circus. Went inside the temple (never been in before)! Also found a hidden entrance in shangri-la which led to a green room where a woman did my makeup and glitter while telling me how famous I was!
  12. Larraht

    New Experiences

    Ooh! Whats in the dark room??
  13. Larraht

    Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best Act: Chic Best Song: Everlong Best Discovery: Lekkido lord of the lobsters - seriously the best fun ever. Most Frequented Stage - Pyramid (unusual for me but it happened this year)!
  14. Larraht

    Perfect Weather

    I can't help but agree. There were so many small children at gate a really struggling and their parents unprepared for the sheer heat. As I had been on here and seen the worries about the extra long queues, our gang made sure we took pocket fans, an umbrella and froze 12 bottles of water - we gave most to the kids in queue near us (including my special brolly but thankfully we did find the family again and got it back)! If I do ever choose to take my little one, it has definitely been a lesson in how to prepare!
  15. Larraht

    Food offer 2017

    My favourite is also wholefood heavens buddah box - every year I do a soecial search for them and let the guys serving know how much I love them, they are always very grateful and flattered. This year did not disappoint. Love the wyke farm stilton toasties! The bhangra bus does a beautiful thali and a group of us had a good sit down curry together which was lovely. Also did deluxe diner two course meal this year for the first time this year. Was it worth £35? Food wise probably not but to sit down with friends to a table, listen to music and drink frozen daquiris was good times! Low points - went to the stall opposite no bones jones for a veggie burrito and it was boring and bland. I have never done no bones jones but seeing the comments, it is clear that I missed a great opportunity!