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  1. Was a great opening to Friday morning but I can’t find a recording anywhere so fear it is lost in time
  2. Does anyone have a link for the full Vaccines performance in 2019? Thanks
  3. I got there pretty early about 6:15 and the place was deserted .Michael turned up about 9:30 and had a few photos then left. The shop opened at exactly 9:57 and my ticket number was err number 1
  4. I’m a technophobe so need some help. I see that certain sets are only available until the end of this month, is there any way to down load for prosperity. I have an iMac and sky Q
  5. What about capitals and lower case please
  6. Yes have camping tickets in one of the already erected camp sites. Have purchased a moving in pass as we arrive on the Monday prior to the festival kicking off on the Wednesday
  7. Hi first time going to sziget and hopefully someone can help me with some questions. when we arrive at the airport we have a city pass but do we need to exchange this somewhere before using it. we have a moving in day pass as we arrive on the Monday what do we do with this finally what’s the best way to use money as I’ve seen a thing on the website for wrist band and how expensive is it at the festival thanls
  8. It seems to be taking longer than 3 days as I tried to edit my daughter photo and it took 5 working days and guess what? It got rejected so I am waiting again now for an update
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