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  1. dartmoordog

    EPO bands

    Out of interest, were they wearing any kind of valid looking wristband?
  2. dartmoordog

    Car keys

    Have you got a spare at home that someone can send down to you?
  3. dartmoordog

    Firewood shop?

    There's normally piles in most of the campsites. But you've got to be quick. Ask one of the campsite stewards.
  4. dartmoordog

    Firewood shop?

    Firewood is normally free? Just checked if it's still available for 2019 and GF website under what's included with your ticket it confirms that firewood is free.
  5. dartmoordog

    Lost ticket

    A number of other people have lost tickets go to https://twitter.com/GlastoInfo and enquire there.
  6. A bit like unicorn shit.
  7. dartmoordog

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Halfords do a basic first aid kit (which isn't a bad thing to take anyway) for £7. It has a foil blanket in it.
  8. dartmoordog


    No, you'll have to decant it into a plastic bottle. Unless you can hide it well in your van. Sometimes the searches can be quite thorough, other time cursory.
  9. dartmoordog

    EPO bands

    Quite a lot of people contribute a fair bit to the festival in the build up to the fest, who don't work full time or part time on the site. Sometimes these people can't pay for a ticket or are unlucky with the draw. Instead they give what they can, without guaranteed entry, in the hope that they'll get an EPO. Sometimes these people deserve to get in. To my mind they are people that give Glastonbury some of it's character. Glastonbury is a poorer place without a few slipping under or over the fence, in whatever way.
  10. Don't forget your ticket...
  11. A quick search with Tineye shows that image has been floating around since 2016. So fake news... https://www.tineye.com/search/b71f63f25f5bda458a6439edc6c87cb31a51dbfe?page=1
  12. dartmoordog


    Yep. He's at the Mandala
  13. Is "Load and Found" a new stage?
  14. Thanks. I must be blind. I can't see that information anywhere in the T&C's or entry form. Time to visit my optician.
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