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  1. Sack truck

    Camp Fires

    We brought loads of those smoke free logs & had a fire most nights round the tents - security came over a few times just to check it wasn't unattended or by anyone inacapable - they just asked we keep it a bit away from tents and put it out before we crashed out for the night. It's a big part of the Glasto experience for us so we were glad we all brought wood & logs with us
  2. Lost 8lb over Glasto. Didn’t eat near enough and caused me to be cold at night and struggle a bit energy wise. I’m a fussy bugger so any food I was having was cooked on my own stove, mostly first thing. Got plenty miles in legs before I went so was fine from that angle. Went back to gym there and I’m sure the dust still lingering on my lungs as felt more breathless than I thought I would. Could do with another 12lb off so going to get stuck in over the year and get core strength up plus review eating arrangements for next year if lucky enough to get a ticket. Good luck with your goals all!
  3. Sound was superb this year. George Ezra maybe needs a word with them though, they made him sound more like George from rainbow when speaking 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  4. Sack truck

    Lessons learned

    We arrived really early at Gate D, got on the hill before the zigzags around 5am - even at that time they tried to guide us all to Gate A claiming was 3 hours quicker to get in after they opened - we flew straight in in next to no time at D - think they are just trying to stop too much congestion
  5. It's the jet lag feeling that gets me - I'd put it down to drugs etc in the past but have also done a drug free festival before and felt the same - Was up for 48 hours Tues in to Wed, got 3 hours sleep next night, 1 hour sleep night after, a good 7 hour sleep then was up for 48 hours coming home. Body clock is just shot to pieces and just as I think I'm ok, I get the tiredness wave again. No solution for it bar sensible sleeping at the festival which ain't gonna happen!
  6. Yeah they got them in then had to give wristband(s?) back to security when in - they were putting all sorts round their wrists so they looked like the real thing (none of them did) I'm guessing they work on basis folk never get them checked (I didn't get mine checked at any point)
  7. Yep- there were at least 20 round where we camped - they said they were just one group of 4 doing it and there were a more doing the same. One group of 4 lads were just there to sell ket but were annoyed as not many were buying as had taken their own stash in with them - these lot had friends who had tickets who had taken a tent in for them - was all well organised it seemed
  8. Spider flames were way bigger- we camp close but still fairly far away and you used to feel the heat off the spider flames but nothing from the crane
  9. Throat was killing with the dust this year so hardly smoked any joints when usually have a fair few. I always put my fried brain afterwards down to this but now I've come to the conclusion it's like jet lag you get with body clock all over the place & no proper sleep (as any is usually booze fuelled) - spent last two nights sweating buckets in bed and i still feel spaced out. Got a coldsore which I very rarely get and a bad cough. Wouldn't change a single bit of it though - worth all of that and more!
  10. The scam security were using to get people in involved two wristbands. As I said before, loads round ours got in that way, the team of that got them in had made £50k by Saturday at £350 a pop
  11. Security were ace. We had a few campfires by the tent and they popped over to make sure it was unattended or nobody was alone with it whilst incapacitated. Stayed to chat (and get a heat!). Never heavy handed in any way
  12. Sack truck

    EPO bands

    It also sounded like the majority got driven in but don’t know about others. One of the groups were there just to sell ket as were happy to tell anyone they had 500 bags of it in with them (they seemed annoyed on last day moaning that most people seemed to have brought their own stuff)
  13. The coop was a huge game changer. Plus the best supermarket shopping experience I’ve ever had. No folk stopping suddenly , no queues at the till. Just folk flying through grabbing stuff as they go. Same prices as back in the real world too. I had bacon butties every day and my drinks were cold throughout. Superb!
  14. Sack truck

    EPO bands

    They got bands to get in then taken off them. Don’t know all the details but one guy said he was given two which showed he’d lost his ticket then got both taken off inside.
  15. Sack truck

    EPO bands

    Was security making a mint from getting people in for free. Loads round us who had paid £350 each. Said security working in teams of 4 and the guys that got them in had made over £50k up to Saturday. Said they were just one group of which there were a few. Seemed to be more than ever in for free
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