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  1. Yeah it’s when you hear about certain parts of Florida and the likes that haven’t bothered doing anything despite surely seeing what is coming that makes you worry for them. Plus the fact Trump is allocating resources to States he needs for re-election and at the end I think it will look grim for them sadly
  2. Germany are around 4 or 5 days behind us. We look like on same path as Italy , possibly more spread out geographically. USA looks a shitfest and they still haven’t locked down. Only at the end can this all be assessed as to who done “best” , who was most truthful and a plan for next time firmed up. I’m just keeping my head down and following the advice.
  3. My gut feel is that 55000 is on the low side, seem to be a lot of people showing some symptoms. If there are loads of mild cases then that’s a good thing
  4. Would love to know what bass numbers now the modellers are working from. It’s obviously much more far spread than the limited testing shows. They will know the growth rate. Having both could at least indicate when it was all going to peak etc. Given low numbers reported, the assumption is it will be a while before it is over in reality it could still be that short sharp shock. Bumpy road ahead I’m the short term I think, does make it difficult for Glastonbury to make a call with a lack of real-time accurate info (bar hospital admissions etc and working back)
  5. Was at Cheltenham yesterday - plenty people there, all in close proximity. Washing hands and using the sanitisers much more visible than usual. We will soon see what large gatherings do. In other news, my other half has a few symptoms, she was worried about tightness of chest yesterday with a sore throat and a couple of folk at her work have been diagnosed and sent home. When I dropped my youngest off today kids at school coughing all over the place. None of this may be the virus but it certainly makes you more aware ! My own personal take on it (and it isn't based on anything other than gut feel) is that it is probably already rife throughout and there are many many mild cases of it- given the incubation period we will see a sudden spike and this is when the NHS will be strained. The genie is well out the bottle
  6. Drastic measures in Italy mostly due to hospitals at breaking point, people getting treated in corridors and the like. I’ve a hospital appt tomorrow and they’ve moved it from the main hospital to an outbuilding. She said was due to getting hospital prepared for space if they need it as and when things escalate here. Whatever happens I just hope those that need treated can get treated
  7. Our local mp shared a business centre with us for a while. He never washed his hands after using the loo. Some example
  8. Love the flare and smoke bomb combo at night. Proper atmospheric setting although I can understand the concerns around their use if people are in a state using them.
  9. Sack truck


    I spotted it that year! Near the glade if I remember correctly
  10. Sack truck

    2020 headliners

    Talk of REM reforming. Possibility?
  11. I agree, I've been fortunate to try 6 times and been lucky each time and only had 6 people trying - it was right at the death this time, had resigned myself to the resale. As group we know we are blessed and treat each one as though it's our last
  12. It's basically like standing at bar with a couple of hundred thousand folk and having 500 bartenders, instead of picking who has been there longest they pick someone at random who happens to be waving their cash at the exact time they turn round. The down servers act like bouncers, keeping folk out the bar - shutting down and clearing cache is like putting on mates jacket so they don't recognise you and you hope you will get in (At least in my head that's what it is like)
  13. Got bombed out twice at payment, changed cards and it went through with 40 seconds left on my countdown clock. Phew
  14. Same happened to me. Was worried clock was ticking as was right at the death kept going back and forwards. Maybe folk lost their tickets due to time out so some became available ? So lucky this year
  15. This used to work for T in the park tickets way back when it sold out early. It was like some payments bounced late or tickets found way back into the system. I picked up 4 one year 3 hours after the sold out messages had gone out.
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