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  1. People are idiots. Go and have a look at the comments on the Guardian's article on it. Losers.
  2. Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da 16 times each?
  3. I really hope he closes the festival. It's what I have always needed at that time.
  4. You're good friends with her?
  5. Has anyone ever gotten a taxi from Worthy View on the Monday? Just wondering about the odds of getting one, as am thinking of going straight out to Bristol Airport and recovering on a beach somewhere for the week.
  6. I used to love Blood Sugar and Californication when I was a kid. I'm not a kid anymore.
  7. Exactly what I said to my mate this morning!
  8. I feel repulsive without showering, especially hungover - so I always shower. But if you don't, then good for you!
  9. Imagine not putting Paranoid Android in your top ten Radiohead song.
  10. Keep them far away from Somerset, please.
  11. That's what I think. They'll pay big, and it's run by the same people as Coachella...
  12. I'm thinking about going to Belgrade, looks like a pretty cool city. ...but the Lisbon venue looks fucking great!
  13. McCartney would surely be the Pyramid closer, if he's booked? Surely?
  14. Con Air is the best alone for that slow-mo shot of Cage running, getting shot, and not breaking stride. 10/10.
  15. They aren't rubbish, they're just quite MOR. Good fodder for the Other Stage.
  16. OK mate. Popularity has nothing to do with it.
  17. Presume you voted leave?
  18. I don't even care, they can play wherever they're slotted. I just go and see whoever I fancy seeing. If they're headlining the Pyramid, good for them! I find it bizarre that people bitch and moan about some band playing in a certain slot.
  19. Oh, stop being facetious. My point is that if you look across the board, a band with 5+ songs with, say, well over 100m hits - they're pretty big. If a band has one with a shitload, and the rest around 10m, they aren't so big. FWIW I saw Portugal the Man a few years ago and they were brilliant - quality psychedelia. Was just wandering past a small tent and they were on - pleasantly surprised! A headliner they ain't, though
  20. I usually go on Spotify plays or YouTube hits. Tame Impala, for example, are way bigger than Foals. Look where they were scheduled at this year's festival.
  21. This. It's all about increasing your chances. The bigger the spread, the more chances. I had 5 different IPs spread different tabs all auto refreshing once a second (and clearing cookies). One got through about 10 mins, nothing thereafter.
  22. NIN subbing Biffy Clyro. Cave subbing Mumford. The UK voting to leave. What a state of affairs.
  23. Just FYI -- if she's using a VPN to watch UK TV, then the internet connection that Seetickets saw you trying to get tickets on was in the UK.
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