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  1. I was out for a run on the canal in Shoreditch a couple of years ago and ran past him. I went to high-five him as I jogged past, he enthusiastically obliged me.
  2. Light Up Gold into Sunbathing Animal 👌
  3. Btw I think the 'he sold out the venue when other nights didn't' may be a red herring - on the way out, the crowd was a lot smaller than the previous night for the national. way less bottlenecks etc. had to queue for 10 mins at the gates outside the crown on saturday, but went straight though after the bad seeds. were the crowd numbers reduced or was it just better management?
  4. Was laughing through Stagger Lee - he was all over the place with the lyrics, but it was still bloody brilliant; Billy Dilly still got fucked in his motherfucking ass. No Mercy Seat / Tupelo? First time I've seen them without hearing those, and they're unbeatable live tunes. Still - absolutely brilliant gig.
  5. Total Football / Violence What a sucker punch of an opening. Absolute fucking killer.
  6. Last week I got two standing tickets for the Friday show. Just keep an eye on the site(s) a few times a day, you never know.
  7. Seeing Oh Sees tomorrow night actually. Will be good to see how it compares to the Gizz show last week. I think Oh Sees are more nuts and over the top in a certain way.
  8. Good, should get another London show around then. Lost count how many times I've seen them in the past three years, must be well over ten.
  9. I am going to go again Sunday or Monday if more tickets go on sale. It's a real treat to see him like this.
  10. Some setlist last night. I would have been a blubbering mess seeing Flume and Towers to open the set.
  11. Thought last night was amazing. Was very packed though... Had to push forward to get away from loud talkers out back. 2nd album is my least favourite, so would have preferred more from For Emma. But hey, still thought it was completely amazing. Second set in particular.
  12. Loved rocking out to Sister Ray in the interlude, what a fitting choice 'The Book' is such a funny little song.
  13. Phenomenal show last night. The best I've seen them over the years - they just get better and better.
  14. so he's playing two sets? i have a ticket to tomorrow night's show.
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