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  1. Love it. Our first was born two days ago (gave up our tickets this year, obviously - wasn't easy though). So she'll have her birthday at Glastonbury every year. I am thinking we'll be there with her next year. Start 'em young.
  2. Saw them on the iplayer. Absolutely unbelievable. Had no idea they were this good. Is that jam they kicked into just after the 16 minute mark off one of their records? Or just insanely good improv?
  3. Time to call a spade a spade and make the Pyramid the Radio 1 stage. It isn't difficult to figure out what appeals to the masses and what is better suited in a smaller area. Why bother with something like Robert Plant in that field in the early evening? He would have packed out the Park nicely, on the Pyramid it looked more like Trump's inaugration. It's a waste.
  4. Are you me? Exactly my thoughts on all points! Phoebe Bridgers hair moves in the breeze and OMG I WAS CRYING SHE'S INCREDIBLE. Did you read the Guardian review of Sam Fender? Absolutely incredible, one of the worst things I've read in my life.
  5. Billie Eilish isn't for me. Her gigs are generally full of screaming teenage girls. I vaguely recall seeing some really rare footage of teenage girls screaming at Beatles shows. It's Glastonbury, there's always 500 other fucking brilliant places to be within a few minutes walk if you don't dig it!
  6. Haha, wait until tonight's headliner...
  7. Khruangbin, holy moly. What is the name of the jam they pulled out from just after the 16 minute mark?! What a fucking band!
  8. You could also try Green Man, as I'm sure you're aware. Similar vibe, bigger (but very, very manageable). Solid level of partying. The lineup is similarly based around psych and more left-field stuff. They're the three for me - Glastonbury, GM, EOTR. Probably won't make any this year though!
  9. We have a baby due next week, so had to give up our tickets this year. I am finding it quite difficult though - obviously I haven't mentioned that to the mrs, however! Anyone ever been with a one year old before? I cannot fathom not going next year.
  10. Denis O'Bell, surely.
  11. I was thinking this. The line-up isn't some spectacular standout in comparison to years gone past (notwithstanding the presence of a living, breathing Beatle).
  12. I was thinking this. The line-up isn't some spectacular standout in comparison to years gone past (notwithstanding a living, breathing Beatle).
  13. I have a child due soon, so had to give up our tickets for this year. I think it helps having not been on for a few years, so the memories are a little older.
  14. This guy speaks the truth. I can enjoy lager these days. I mean, obviously I prefer a brutal IPA, but I can contently put away far too many Heinekens... and that isn't even a good lager.
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