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  1. Hard Brexit (no CU and outside the SM), or better yet no-deal Brexit will prove that it was a bait-and-switch scam all along. The only solace in an entirely despairing outlook will be rejoining without any opt-outs, including schengen and the single currency, and seeing the reaction of the Farage.
  2. If it was 2003, sure.
  3. I think you needed wellies Fri-Sat-Sun on 2014, if I recall correctly? Not for me thanks.
  4. This year was pretty much bang on as far as I'm concerned. Bright, hot, tent somehow wasn't prohibitively hot until after 10am. Nice breeze the whole time.
  5. majormajormajor


    I listened all the way through the single. Mercury Prize 2020 for the LP.
  6. Well, you see, it's not actually by the seaside.
  7. Do you mean Biffy Clyro headline? Christ. Is there a requirement that you have to be played on Radio 1 to headline these days? I guess not entirely (Cure etc), but it seems like any somewhat recent act does?
  8. Ha - well pointed out. I worry about my brain sometimes. I even remember all the bros up near the front of stage waiting for RHCP. Early dementia potential here.
  9. Eh? I saw him headline Coachella about 6 years ago, and saw him headline Roskilde last year...?
  10. majormajormajor

    T DAY

    I like this. Getting a coach ticket from the other side of the country. I'd do the same thing if it came to it.
  11. Alps, people burn their tents on the last night. It's quite full on.
  12. Roskilde is a rite of passage for Danish kids. Something close to 50% would be 15-20, so you can expect a certain level of carnage there. I've been six or seven times, it's a lot of fun but it's a bloody messy festival in the campsites - a party vibe like no other. The site is owned by the company behind the festival, which as far as I know, has no other use (apart from the old gravel pit). So people don't give as much of a shit.
  13. Not sure how you can accidentally find it - it's up by the fence. You'd have to be staggering around disoriented. On second thoughts, that's probably exactly what you mean!
  14. I was there then too! Was after light on Saturday morning I think.
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