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  1. WOW. Jolly good luck with it.
  2. @xxialac you really going to sleep in a wet bed for the rest of your life over Brexit? Life goes on.
  3. lol...what are you talking about
  4. It's far easier for one country like the U.K. to source a vaccine and agree a deal than it is for a group of 27 countires to agree on a deal together. Hardly shocking. The E.U. are completely useless.
  5. What do you mean by quite common?
  6. Not sure why this was down voted. Being widely reported now.
  7. Nice bit of tier one yo Stop the boats now
  8. So glad to see the back of Corybn. The Labour party now officially more racist than the BNP. What a time to be alive.
  9. Did Biden actually say that Trump is the most racist president in American history?? lol
  10. What a c**t that man is. So full of shit.
  11. More cases do not equal more deaths. This can now clearly be seen in the stats. The cases are rising yet deaths are not. 156 days now since peak deaths. I personally think the damage caused by any further lockdown would be far worse than anything the virus could do. In fact, I would go as far as to say we should never lockdown for anything ever again. Not even if there are thousands of Godzillas roaming the streets.
  12. You want a full Bolton lockdown because 0.1% of their population has Covid? You’re kidding, right?
  13. What about the bankrupt businesses? What about the undiagnosed cancer cases? What about the forced mortgages? What about the increase in domestic violence? What about the MASSIVE decline in people's mental health? It's time to move on. Life is all about managing risk. You take far more of a risk every time you step in a motor vehicle. Isolate the vulnerable and the scared and let the rest of us crack on.
  14. Then feel free to isolate until you feel safe to come out. I have 20 guys who work for me. None of us have missed a single day due to covid - we have worked closely together all through the pandemic. I will be telling anyone who says I can't spend time with my family to fuck off - and I will deal with any consequences.
  15. You guys are out of your minds if you are going to let these clowns tell you if you can spend Christmas with your family or not. I will be having a big family Christmas as usual. It's not even up for debate.
  16. Henrik

    Kate Tempest

    I think Ze or Hir would definitely work better. If someone said to me they had seen Kae Tempest at Glastonbury and they were great. I would just assume they were talking about a group.
  17. Henrik

    Kate Tempest

    Only issue with this is how do you know if someone is talking about one person or a group of people? Surely that's important to know?
  18. No direct experience, no. I just know it happens a lot. And I know some of the biggest companies on the planet do it.
  19. Quite right! Why would any business waste money on office space when employees can do exactly the same job from home. But then the question will be why pay someone in London £18 an hour to work from home when someone in India can do exactly the same job for less than half the cost.
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