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  1. One day I will make it over to this absolute beast of a festival.
  2. I think I will be attempting the following: Cassyette - The Bronx - Hot Water Music - The Vandals/Cancer Bats - The Wonder Years - The Used - Alexisonfire I'm gonna end up watching Electric bloody Callboy, I know it. I'm not a fan at all but loads of my group want to see them and I have a big gap at that point where there is nothing I'm bothered about seeing.
  3. Alexisonfire clashing with Spanish Love Songs is pain.
  4. Henrik

    2022 New Music

    Such high hopes for the new album after these two new songs. I just wish it was out before I see them at Slamdunk in a few weeks.
  5. Let's be honest, you're going to look a right plank sat on a coach to Glastnbury Festival wearing a sodding mask. Go free, guys. But each to their own yeah yeah yeah.
  6. The best crisps ever made! They are not easy to find which adds a little something to them.
  7. Damn, missed out on Limp Bizkit pre-sale tickets. Any idea how many tickets are kept back for general sale? Worried we are gonna miss out now.
  8. Henrik

    2022 New Music

    Surprised at how good the new Frank Turner is. It's no Campfire Punkrock but it's the best thing he's done in ageees.
  9. Really hoping Hundred Reasons get added today. Gotta be in with a shot.
  10. A conversation with Jordan Peterson? That is weak. You guys need to up your game.
  11. Well, I think we pretty much got the perfect ending. Neil Young has just cancelled himself.
  12. Simple question for you: who gets to decide who should and who shouldn't be censored? Take as long as you need to think about that one.
  13. What question? Why do I love Rogan so much? Behave yourself. I've not even said I like Joe Rogan.
  14. As much as I would love to spend the rest of the day chatting with Neil Young fans on the internet, I think we can draw a line under it. Old Neil has deleted his letter, and his music is still available to stream on Spotify. Looks like the old fool has come to his senses.
  15. I don't understand the reference, sorry.
  16. No, he's not. He has literally said it is either my music or his show. So he will happily do business with them if they agree to his censorship demands. Rogan first, who's next?
  17. Which song is that from?
  18. He is demanding censorship. Hardly rocking in the free world is it 🤣
  19. Uh no, I get the point he is trying to make. Like I said, old fool!
  20. lol...I think that is a fight Neil Young is not going to win. What an old fool.
  21. Henrik

    2021 New Music

    This Self Esteem album is just great. I'm feeeling the hype. Biffy album completely passed me by. I don't think I like them anymore.
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