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  1. You're at Glastonbury so it's never really awful. But we all know how much better it is when the sun is shining and the ground is dry. It's a completely different experience to getting rained on all day.
  2. GFS calling an absolute scorcher next weekend. Will we be punished for it the week after?
  3. Still plenty of time for change.
  4. Another wretched GFS run this morning. It's refusing to budge from a cold, wet weekend.
  5. It's not even the rainfall that's so bad - It's the temperatures! Currently forecasting a maximum high of 14 on the Thursday.
  6. If it's as bad as currently forecast, at least ticket day will be easier this year.
  7. That's actually quite scary. Wet and cold throughout.
  8. Yes, Thursday playing Full Collapse must be on the cards after their U.S. tour announcement. I would be so hyped for that. Add Taking Back Sunday playing Tell All Your Friends and I am in dreamland.
  9. It’s genuinely shocking how bad the current models are for the remainder of June. Absolutely no sign of any settled weather. This has got 2007 written all over it. Fortunately there is still time for change.
  10. The Offspring, Rancid or Limp Bizkit next year would make very happy.
  11. What an amazing day down south yesterday. I really wasn’t expecting it to be that good - had an absolute blast! Hot Water Music and The Vandals were the highlights until I witnessed Alexisonfire tear the place to shreds. Wow! Wasn’t sure if I would be back next year but I’m already in. Can we try Rancid again please?
  12. Have a great time up north today guys. My plan for south tomorrow… Cassyette > The Bronx > Hot Water Music > The Vandals > Hot Mulligan > The Wonder Years > The Interrupters > Alexisonfire > Nova Twins Lets hope the weather behaves down south tomorrow. Looking like we might just get away with it. A day later and we would have been in real trouble.
  13. Yep The Used are out. This sucks.
  14. Yes I will be all over that Brighton date. Great stuff!
  15. Yep...looking like low pressure will be in control throughout June. Think cold and wet.
  16. Oh dear. The guys on the Netweather forum are saying a wet and cool June is looking quite likely. In fact, they have just said how similar the current charts are to 2007.
  17. Henrik

    2022 New Music

    Everything Everything sounds pretty great on first listen. The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn has a new album out today which is also sounding damn fine.
  18. We need a bad year in all honesty. Too many people trying for tickets these days. Weather similar to 2007 would be nice for this year. Throw in the ground conditions from 2016 and we should be good. This post probably belongs in the controversial opinions thread.
  19. Tickets received this morning. We are getting close! Can't bloody wait.
  20. Nothing wrong with a SDF with breakfast to get you ticking again. But yeah, as said above, it's not cider.
  21. Any chance of an e-festivals comp this year? I feel like I have a better chance now that we have fewer members lol
  22. One day I will make it over to this absolute beast of a festival.
  23. I think I will be attempting the following: Cassyette - The Bronx - Hot Water Music - The Vandals/Cancer Bats - The Wonder Years - The Used - Alexisonfire I'm gonna end up watching Electric bloody Callboy, I know it. I'm not a fan at all but loads of my group want to see them and I have a big gap at that point where there is nothing I'm bothered about seeing.
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