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  1. Yep... Camping stoves using small, disposable gas canisters are permitted. Please only bring enough for your needs over the weekend. Excessive quantities may be confiscated. In the event of very hot weather / dry ground conditions we reserve the right to prohibit the use of camping stoves for safety reasons.
  2. Yeah...it's on par with beer cups thrown in the urinals.
  3. It's not easy finding a seat when the ground is ruined - it certainly wasn't in 2016. Plus it's nice to be able to just sit down on the grass wherever you please.
  4. Oh I think it will. I honestly believe future generations will look back at the persecution of drug users with the same sense of shame and horror that we now view the persecution of gay people. Admittedly it make take a couple of hundred years Maybe longer under a Tory government. However, America is leading the way on this. Cannabis now essentially legal everywhere - and Psilocybin now decriminalised in at least 3 states I believe. The tide has definitely turned.
  5. This is how backwards our drug laws are: it's often the legal ones that are more dangerous than the illegal ones. This country's drug laws are in desperate need of reform. The war on drugs has been lost and should never have been waged. I can't think of a right more fundamental than the right to peacefully steward the contents of your own consciousness. Legalise it all. Take the power away from the criminal gangs. And regulate the lot!
  6. Yeah IOW not great at all for food - it's slim pickings. There is usually a Mexican place there that is pretty decent. I try to just stick to beer tbh
  7. I think the idea is if you want to sit down in a chair then you have to do it at the back. It's madness having loads of people sat in chairs near the front. Just asking for trouble.
  8. Yeah that is new and I have to say I like it. The chair situation at the main stage has become a complete joke in recent years. This is a good move.
  9. I assume this new EE comp is customers only again, right?
  10. Each contestant had five true or false questions. They were tough, pretty random - I can't remember them exactly. I know I had to guess nine of them.
  11. It really was. It seemed to adopt a personality of it's own - one that mocked my every step.
  12. Nice! Yeah, I will be at IOW on the Sunday too. Looking forward to a bit of IDLES and Biffy. Let's hope that sun comes out. It's proper grim down here today.
  13. This is what gets me. If you can't sit down all weekend it becomes an absolute slog. 2016 broke me.
  14. Yep, tickets received this morning. Must be getting close ?
  15. He's not even messing around. That is bloody horrific. The run in wasn't this bad in 2016 was it?
  16. So we are left with Radio 1 and Mallets I think. I am running out of straws to clutch.
  17. Yep, I'm in. Quite happy to go on air and make a fool of myself if it gives me a chance. Really running out of time now. Might have to admit it ain't happening for me this year.
  18. 24mph winds? On the Beaufort Wind Scale, 24mph is considered a "fresh breeze". Pretty sure it will be fine mate.
  19. Same. I’ve been to many festivals in all kinds of conditions and have never worn a pair of wellingtons. A good pair of boots is all you need!
  20. Yep, wellies were pretty much useless in 2016. I remember seeing a huge pile of them down by The Other stage - people were just throwing them away. My mate ditched his and decided to go barefoot. He was hospitalised about 12 hours later with a nasty foot infection. He missed the remainder of the festival. We still laugh at him today for that.
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