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  1. here's my foals playlist! listen to Spanish Sahara LOUD https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63AG6DsiUhIBzIpPmBzVR4
  2. gorfield

    2020 headliners

    I am 42 and think foals are amazing.. I was a late starter - saw them in Amsterdam this year and they are a must see band for me now.
  4. Mumford and sons headlining.. I actually fell asleep stood up after the 25th banjo song they are much better since they ditched the banjos
  5. gorfield

    Funnest Glasto sets

    I have also been to a biggles wedding! would have had them for my 40th had we not lost Jock.
  6. gorfield

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Biggles wartime band. I miss them
  7. gorfield

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Gogol Bordello when it was absolutely HAMMERING down with rain.. around 2007 I think
  8. I'd say its a 20 - 30 minute trek from West to the Other stage which is the nearest stage! I do take kids though which slows things down. sometimes you have to queue to get in and out too - you need your ticket to get in and out of the field. I want to try East this time ( if i get a ticket)
  9. gorfield

    2020 wishlists

    Basement Jaxx!
  10. gorfield

    Resale help

    i suppose if someone comes on with only 3 posts you would be suss about giving any details.
  11. I WANT Basement jaxx - not a fucking cop out dj set either!!
  12. do they hold back any campervan tickets? I can only go if I can get hold of one of those ( taking small kids with me). I know people do it but I just couldn't relax in a tent with my kids after some of the things I have seen.
  13. I don't think I have ever failed to get tickets for something.. this hurts not even a holding page
  14. how do they know they are 50
  15. gorfield

    Resale help

    how does it work when you help someone get tickets when it gets to the payment part?
  16. Do they still have the unannounced sales? I've relied on them in the past ( not been for 3 years though)
  17. Foals are definitely qualified!! They are qualified to headline Glastonbury. I still want Basement jaxx and none of this DJ set cop out either
  18. not much this year to be honest! did anyone else think the sound was shit in calling out? just Doves
  19. gorfield

    2019 map

    please let us save a space
  20. gorfield

    2019 map

    re lidl.... https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/What-s-on-19498.htm
  21. I KNOW!! I am fuming about this. I went in 2017 but was 6 months pregnant and it was one of my " oh god I wish I could drink" moments..... returned in 2018 all geared up for a kraken.. and it was GONE
  22. I getting bored of the 90's indie stuff now - its so predictable..
  23. gorfield


    not at the bottom of the hill!! if you want to get out after it pisses down
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