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  1. Sorry but I have managed to get kendal to cancel and refund me, ill let you know if i see any for sale
  2. thanks - work is not an option though as i will have 2 kids in tow! ha ha
  3. how are the chances in the resale? I know there are less tickets but there are surely less people trying.. some may have already given up , made other plans etc? Is it just as difficult. What do people think? I've never been here before always managed to get a ticket.
  4. HI, I am currently paying on payment plan for them which is a pain and i wont receive them til nearer the time. I have just contacted them to see if theres anyway I can pay earlier so that I can sell them.
  5. gorfield


    Best Glasto news I have heard for me! now I need to try and get a ticket
  6. gorfield


    yep!! i can forward the email if you want?
  7. gorfield


    This is an email I just received from the fan club - Ive been wanting to see them for years.
  8. gorfield


    6/13/20 - Milan, Italy 6/16/20 - Zurich, Switzerland 6/21/20 - Dessel, Belgium 6/24/20 - Prague, Czech Republic 6/27/20 - Glastonbury, UK 6/30/30 - Paris, France 7/3/20 - Madrid, Spain 7/6/20 - Lisbon, Portugal 7/9/20 - Vienna, Austria 7/12/20 - Krakow, Poland 7/15/20 - London, UK 7/18/20 - Manchester, UK 7/21/20 - Middlefart, Denmark 7/24/20 - Budapest, Hungary 7/27/20 - Moenchengladbach, Germany
  9. gorfield


    27th at Glastobury - I just got an e mail from them.
  10. gorfield


    great news!! 6/27/20 - Glastonbury, UK
  11. definitely! I will remember this next time.
  12. I do but it comes with 2 festival tickets... 397 quid face value for the lot
  13. i have one for sale... but it comes with 2 festival tickets! 400 for the lot
  14. Always wanted to try Download but never got round to it... just had a look now and SHIT it is expensive!! how can they justify 17 quid per ticket for a booking fee too! robbers think it will have to be a day ticket then.
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