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  1. I don't know much about Phil but his owner, Steve McFadden, spent a couple of years turning a tiny diesel "Finnish commuter" boat, a Botnia Taga 25 into an electric hybrid. Fully charged the four batteries powering twin electric Torqueedo motors run for about 5 hours, puttering around slowly and silently, there's a variable generator to top the batteries up out of port; but if it gets a bit rougher or a bit late in the day the electric engines raise away on hydraulic struts and the standard Volvo Penta D4-280 can be fired-up and cruise back to port like any other boat. He started work on that boat in 2016 and put two years of effort into getting it right. Way ahead of the curve that bloke.
  2. Since we do not know the long-term disaster of Brexit this approximation isn't worth the dice it is rolled on. This is like saying "cutting off my legs was a mistake, but that mistake having been made I hope I can successfully run as fast as possible".
  3. So, Scotland, wanting to joing the EU, is exactly the same as Nigel Farage, the man who wants to destroy the EU. I do not think you have fully thought-through the science of this.
  4. To prove the failure of the Brexit cause. With Scotland rejoining it isn't Britain that has left, only segments of it. Accession of the East European states has been a massive net financial drain. Was always going to be that way. The motivation for East European accession was fundamentally about status, not economics.
  5. With "friends" and "allies" who speak about Scotland with the furious hatred you have shown, post after post, perhaps it is time for us to look elsewhere for trade. Sometimes battered women are financially worse off for leaving their violent husbands. Sometimes it is the price that needs to be paid to end the abuse.
  6. We can. We will. We might not be able to reverse England and Wales. Ulster will do so in it's own time. But Scotland is part of Great Britain. When it rejoins the EU it will no longer be the case that "Britain" is not part of the EU. Only some southerly regions of it. Is your eye roll a camp affectation or do you have a medical condition?
  7. You're basically Nigel Farage if Nigel Farage had tourettes and found a Jamaican boning his wife. Leave the UK and leave all... that... above? Sign us up. The only thing you're doing is making a tragically strong case for erecting a border.
  8. Perhaps, but perhaps the EU will like the face part of what was the UK wants to return to the EU fold. They have every motivation to make it work and they have an ally in Scotland. (The people who run Ulster, not so much).
  9. Before being a member of the EU we can have a trade deal with RUK. After that we have a pre-existing trade framework for being EU Scotland trading with RUK: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/agreements-reached-between-the-united-kingdom-of-great-britain-and-northern-ireland-and-the-european-union
  10. Scotland is the only country that can, and will, reverse Brexit. Ulster will be next but that'll take longer, the demographics are not quite there.
  11. Every country who ever joined the EU had pre-existing trade deals. These things get worked out in the grand scheme of things.
  12. I'll post the response to this in the Indy thread.
  13. https://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2021/02/04/the-lse-report-on-the-increased-costs-in-trade-for-an-independent-scotland-is-based-on-unsubstantiated-data-and-absurd-assumptions/ The article, plus comments, raise many good points. So at least there is a counter-argument presented... as requested.
  14. Your "facts" are projections by London economists. And to my knowledge the SNP are not against a trade deal, and Westminster loves to talk about them, so that should be easy enough to overcome.
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