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  1. The standard NHS April capacity was sufficient, they were stretched but made it; the NHS Nightingale hospitals had almost no patients (only a fraction of their capacity was used). So we don't have unlimited capacity but we have significant amounts of unused capacity. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/04/london-nhs-nightingale-hospital-placed-on-standby
  2. Spain for their obvious domestic fascistic reasons didn't like the idea of an UK state fragmenting and the new states easily joining, but they had no such qualms about the former Yugoslav states. It might be tough times until we get back into the EU, but at least there will be the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if your time frame is right (and I think it's a little... conservative) that's only two parliaments of full wait. But with Brexit it's not so much a tunnel as a bottomless abyss in which to eternally plummet to ever-greater depths. No end in sight to the disaster. Not te
  3. It does the moment Scotland rejoins the EU. We literally won't be subject to English Brexit.
  4. Which one? Three lots of Walking Dead. The main series (Season 10 Ep 16) concluding the Whisperers storyline, Fear The Walking Dead (Season 6, Ep 1) with Morgan squaring up to the ginger hair-twister from The Boys, or Walking Dead World Beyond (Season 1, Eps 1 to 3) about "endling" kiddywinks?
  5. e're already at nearly 60% support Indy and that's before the disaster of Brexit. Its true the Ref2 will being up uncertainties. Brexit did too and won. And Brexit was based on having a pretty darned good economic position in the EU and choosing to give it up for nothing. Indy2 will be based on us being in an unmitigated disaster and the uncertainty will be "how do we get out of this and back into the EU?". And it's true that will be challenging, as will many of the details. But what's certain is a UK Brexit status-quo will be worse than all the alternatives. edit: BAH TYPOS. 5.30 am
  6. That statement says nothing of truth about the SNP and everything we need to know about the state of your heart.
  7. So this hate of yours is ultimately based on the SNP not using crystal balls during the interview process. I worry you might have been indulging in too much "festival food".
  8. No, that "only" isn't true. Everyone but everyone agrees she has shown appallingly bad judgement, everyone here, everyone in her party. You are trying to slur-by-association people who could not reasonably have foreseen she would do what she did. Put it this way: once in a while there is a rape at a festival, a festival advertised and promoted here. It might well be one for of these infrequent-but-regular attacks the victim ONLY attended that festival because they saw it advertised here and that was the decision maker for her (or him). Does that mean you promote rape festivals? Semantica
  9. This is why it's really not worth talking with you, you're just a thoroughly dishonest person. It gives me no pleasure to say that. You know full well there is no evidence (that any of us know of) of her showing bad judgment prior to this, but you know full well the likes of Johnson and Corbyn have repeatedly demonstrated poor judgment, year in year out, for decades.
  10. Westmonster is evil not because it doesn't do what I want but because it does evil, actively and intentionally.
  11. David Cameron was born in London. And as I was talking about the murder of austerity, which of course was an attack on the Blair/Brown domestic legacy of raising children out of poverty, etc.
  12. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+people+misuse+logical+fallacies He's a Scotsman but he's an English politician. If I got elected to Parliament in the Netherlands I'd be a Dutch politician, but an Englishman.
  13. Correct. There was no evidence prior to her misconduct should would commit misconduct. An MP for Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems, etc., who has shown no signs of misconducts who commits misconduct reflects only their own personal failure and their party should not be blamed providing they promptly withdraw the whip. This is in stark contrast to some of the misconduct of major parties, e.g. Corbyn's lifelong and repeat antisemitism hasn't resulted in the whip being withdrawn - that is most certainly a failure on behalf of the Labour party and has cost them (and the country) two elections on the
  14. She is currently sitting in Westminster as an Independent with absolutely no possibility of being reinstated into the SNP. Normally I'd say truth is the death of hate but to some it's not even a glancing distraction.
  15. An interesting picture of the Conservative Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath.
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