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  1. andyhh

    2022 New Music

    Dare I say it... I think it's his best album since England Keep My Bones. If he does play this year I hope this gives him a strong spot on the lineup, his Avalon headliner three years ago was fantastic.
  2. Watching the Government briefing now. I was hoping that they would have announced a greater initiative to get people jabbed.
  3. Ticket day all over again...
  4. Just had my first right now so that will go a very small way to bumping the 30-34 bracket over the 50% mark.
  5. Don't forget No More Lockdown that was released at the end of last year as cases were rising.....
  6. Just got my link...and the password doesn't work!
  7. All well and good but it doesn't seem like the refund option is working as far as I can tell. I won't be requesting one but a lot of people are going to be annoyed further by this.
  8. Fantastic set. Is he playing just below Bella's Bridge?
  9. That fox is going to give me nightmares tonight...
  10. Record Store Day release...please?
  11. Found it, The Beam. There's a nice video about it here:
  12. The bee instalation in the Greenpiece field?
  13. This is not a low. Also, looking at thge wide shot now with the Pyramid in the background is this bring shot in the south eastcorner?
  14. This is no longer a low now that there is This Is A Low
  15. She's So High ....I'll grab my coat.
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