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  1. andyhh

    BBC Glastonbury

    They kept it in those Mavericks!
  2. andyhh

    BBC Glastonbury

    They actually showed the naked guy for half a second at the start of My Hero...the legend is real!
  3. andyhh


    Inhteresting...who do we reckon has a silver caravan?
  4. andyhh

    BBC Glastonbury

    And it's live! Three meetings today, all with Glasto iPlayer in the background
  5. andyhh

    The Weather Thread 2020

    Watched Beans on Toast in the naughty corner when the power went off, he moved everyone from the Hell Stage to the Snake Lounge(?) and one of the best bits of Glastonbury I've ever experienced. He was one of the few acts still playing at that time.
  6. ScotRail shiposting at its finest.
  7. How many journalists right now are working out the MPG of his car?😁
  8. Preston's angling for something here...
  9. He could have least worn a proper belt.
  10. I'm all for renaming it after the biggest attraction in that area of the festival this year. The Tony the Security Guard Tent.
  11. In my eight years Glastonbury I've only had a cannister of whisky taken from my tent during the day. Joke was on them....it was only Bells.
  12. Didn't there used to be a tent in SH which had a daytime slot years ago, I think 2011. I'm sure I remember seeing the King Blues and Guillimonts(sic) in there. I also remember the BBC Introducing being further towards Bushy in 2010 which could help in future. The idea of a larger stage, similar to The Park would be a great idea although I'm guessing that would have an impact on the license.
  13. andyhh

    Is It Too Hot?

    My new blackout tent worked a charm last week although Saturday was the only day where I woke up boiling at 8 am like everyone else. I don't know how I would have managed with my old tent.
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