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  1. I'm all for renaming it after the biggest attraction in that area of the festival this year. The Tony the Security Guard Tent.
  2. In my eight years Glastonbury I've only had a cannister of whisky taken from my tent during the day. Joke was on them....it was only Bells.
  3. Didn't there used to be a tent in SH which had a daytime slot years ago, I think 2011. I'm sure I remember seeing the King Blues and Guillimonts(sic) in there. I also remember the BBC Introducing being further towards Bushy in 2010 which could help in future. The idea of a larger stage, similar to The Park would be a great idea although I'm guessing that would have an impact on the license.
  4. andyhh

    Is It Too Hot?

    My new blackout tent worked a charm last week although Saturday was the only day where I woke up boiling at 8 am like everyone else. I don't know how I would have managed with my old tent.
  5. andyhh

    Flops 2019

    Waiting for Christine and the Queens and the rush from the Other Stage after Dave was the biggest crowd I've ever seen leave that field heading towards, presumably, JP. The Oggie stand probably took a days worth of takings in half an hour! We got to the Avalon show just before The Magic Numbers came on. Best decision ever, we would have never have got in the tent otherwise.
  6. Watched it down by the second barrier. Great show to watch. I would reccomend them iPlayer recording.
  7. andyhh

    Lessons learned

    Second time in a row I broke a pair of sunglassess at Glastonbury. But then I found a cheap pair on the ground so I'm going to call this year even.
  8. andyhh

    Lessons learned

    Wins: - Dioralite at night and berroca in the morning. - Frank Turner Friday night - Bringing more spirits and less beer - Getting a free shower from ibis hotel on Monday morning before flying back to Edinburgh in the evening. - Winning on the games at the Unfairgfound and managing to swap a kazoo for a wolves shirt in Shangri-La. Fails: - Taking a box of wine which didn't really get used. - Trying to hard to juggle different groups of friends and my gf when I did have just gone with the flow a bit more. But if a rookie mistake. - The Raclette stand isn't what it used to be.
  9. andyhh

    Post festival flu

    Don't forget those 5G radio signals *puts on tin foil hat* 🤣
  10. andyhh

    Post festival flu

    I have it too. First time from a festival as well. I'm really not looking forward to going back into work tomorrow, even after going through my emails this afternoon.
  11. andyhh

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    National Express bus in the morning followed by waiting around Bristol all day before a delayed flight to Edinburgh.I did manage to break the time up by having a shower at the Ibis hotel near Tenple Meads, a great idea! Got home at at 10pm after leaving the festival at half nine. I'm used to being back home by about 12pm on the Monday so I've paid for it over the last two days to say the least.
  12. andyhh

    Flops 2019

    I don't think I saw any major flops at all which was brilliant. The only performance I was a bit underwhelmed by was Lucy Rose in teh Acoustic tent although that was mainly down to a poor soudcheck which dampened the start and that the tent was packed with a lot of people escaping the heat and talking throughout.
  13. A great idea that needs a bit more polish. The beach bit with the deckchairs to the left seemed a bit tacked on. Despite that it's a good addition and I think it will be built upon next next year. I don't think I saw them but it would be great to add some of those telescopes you see on beaches.
  14. andyhh

    Is It Too Hot?

    Looking back at 2010 I just remember drinking so much during the heat. This year I couldn't stomach a drink until after six it was that warm. As much as I had the piss taken out of me for drinking them this year I'm sure dioralyte was a godsend.
  15. I thought the tin foil conspiracies were just confined to the 5G thread. 😂
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