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  1. Not the same organisers, my message was sunshine and mello are same organisers and comparing them to tribe (Wychwood) which is far more rounded festival and not just music and beer, which the two tend to be. But SC certainly have a much stronger social media presence all year round
  2. Guess we should be some headliners and band release very soon, think Wychwood does lose out on early bird ticket sales but not drip feeding band announcements through the autumn. Both Mello and Sunshine (same organisers) have a band signed for next year at the time of each festival and then regular social media releases keeping the event bubbling along.
  3. I just can’t find it on the drop down festival finder and didn’t think that that was year specific. My mistake in that case
  4. Any reason why Wychwood does not appear on the festival list on efestivals anymore ? I’m sure efestivals we’re a sponsor ??
  5. I love Wychwood and whilst it was lacking musically this year, It was still great, the dance tent worked well. We did miss a reef, wonder stuff, from the jam etc. mid day programme but it made us go and check out the other tents and who knows if we have seen the next wolf alice or rag and bone man !? We did hear from someone on site that losing One if there benefactors, Dave, had an effect and means they really have to make money this year since they have always lost money, hence the righting of band budget and smaller tent venues. Was told the stranglers cost £36k !!! But Toyah loved it last year so much she did it for £800 expenses this year. It’s got to be hard finding the right bands for the right money.
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