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  1. Christian_chambers

    This year it's time to compare

    Gonna try a couple of others this year, Mello the week before and Sunshine over August bank holiday, both so much cheaper since kids are free under twelve ! And line ups as strong if not a little more middle of road. Love Wychwood but time to see how it compares, so much more choice in small festivals these days
  2. Christian_chambers

    first announcement

    Eclectic and crazy as usual can’t fault it will be fun just hope Dexter Dury remembers the family don’t mind the odd word but see you next Tuesday in a song ain’t great!!
  3. Christian_chambers

    Late for first announcement

    Just looking at touring bands and Dan Reed in country Wychwood weekend, that would be a wicked fit
  4. Christian_chambers

    Late for first announcement

    Another month nearly passed by, if they have two headliners confirmed I’m confused to why they are holding back people make choices on what festivals they are going too, and I can’t help feel Wychwood are missing out sales
  5. Christian_chambers

    Late for first announcement

    Would expected to have heard something about headliners by now, their missing out on Christmas gift market, which as a ticket for life worry’s me a little, anyone heard anything so we know if 2018 is 100% on ? 2017 did seem a little of a backward step, love Wychwood and just any to know it will be there next year
  6. Christian_chambers

    What no Craig Charles !!!

    Spot on grumpy hack, as usual excellent weekend but nothing outstanding. Cabbage were good and bassist was in old dlr skyscraper t shirt, that took me back. did seem a bit quieter, except for the Sunday evening where more people than ever stayed for levellers. Stalls and other stuff was a bit thin, it does make you worry about it's longevity just hope Graham and team can keep it up, it's our favourite weekend of year. Love the location love the music love the people.
  7. Christian_chambers

    What no Craig Charles !!!

    Having Craig strut his stuff is as much the Wychwood thing as Sam Sam the Bubble man !!! Come on Stefen and crew sort it out, he is in Cardiff on The Friday. Ugh this so he is local enough ! (ohhh and have ever thought of getting the bubble man to strut his stuff in the big top?)