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  1. I just can’t find it on the drop down festival finder and didn’t think that that was year specific. My mistake in that case
  2. Any reason why Wychwood does not appear on the festival list on efestivals anymore ? I’m sure efestivals we’re a sponsor ??
  3. I love Wychwood and whilst it was lacking musically this year, It was still great, the dance tent worked well. We did miss a reef, wonder stuff, from the jam etc. mid day programme but it made us go and check out the other tents and who knows if we have seen the next wolf alice or rag and bone man !? We did hear from someone on site that losing One if there benefactors, Dave, had an effect and means they really have to make money this year since they have always lost money, hence the righting of band budget and smaller tent venues. Was told the stranglers cost £36k !!! But Toyah loved it last year so much she did it for £800 expenses this year. It’s got to be hard finding the right bands for the right money.
  4. Grumpyhack sums it up ! And if you only got crap to say keep it to yourself. Good luck to Watchet and all the other festivals but for us as a family Wychwood ticks all the boxes and then sum. Best family weekend of the year. Thanks to everyone who work so hard to put it together they deserve a pat on th back not a muppet just trying to make noise and sound clever.
  5. Saturday headliner ?????? They have a gap in there racecourse tour Wychwood weekend !! Anybody got an idea when the next lot of announcements are due
  6. Recently be doing Mello & Sunshine etc. and whilst Wychwood may appear to be more expensive, we’re on ticket for life so on a personal level they it’s not, you do get a lot more bang for your buck.
  7. Happy days and Wychwood is a level above most of the smaller festivals, worth every penny, in my opinion ! You cant compare it with the likes of Mello etc. Strong regular following if it wasn’t good value you wouldn’t see the same faces year in year out, that people always come back says everything
  8. Anybody know when we can expect to be given first headliners ? It looks like they are running late again this year
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