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  1. I think you might be overestimating their capabilities
  2. In Chrome it's F12, application tab, cookies in the tree view (from memory, not in front of a computer at the moment). I think the cookie is called X-Mapping or something similar.
  3. Good work. Did you check the cookies to confirm the devices seeing the simultaneous holding pages were assigned the same load balancer?
  4. You're right, I managed to get the holding page on the second browser if it refreshed fast enough on the first. Will try two devices on the same network later.
  5. It's per session not per IP, just tested it now. F5'ed until Chrome was showing the holding page then tried in IE and could get the normal pages. Thinking about it, if it was IP - everyone behind a gateway with loads of internal clients (e.g a university network) wouldn't be able to get through.
  6. ceetee

    Ticket Sale Date

    This page shows the booking process, with a "Tickets Held" timer on the payment page. Pretty sure that wasn't there before? https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/full-2020-ticket-info/ There is a reference to it in the HTML that I saved, maybe I was just too focused on entering details that I didn't notice it?
  7. ceetee

    Ticket Sale Date

    It was from the page after selecting how many tickets you'd like. Doesn't seem to be doing it on the Supergrass site now though.
  8. ceetee

    Ticket Sale Date

    The site is maintaining a session for each user, allocating a number of tickets to that session shouldn't make any difference? The only issue would be a session disconnected from a user - but the tickets would be released after 5 minutes of inactivity anyway.
  9. ceetee

    Ticket Sale Date

    Did anyone else get Supergrass tickets on Wednesday? The sale was via See and they had their own subdomain (supergrass.seetickets.com) much like how they handle the Glastonbury sale, but they actually implemented a ticket holding system, where they were reserved for 5 minutes while you typed your details in. Is this something new See have developed, or do they always use this for popular sales? If its new, do you think it will be used for the Glastonbury sales, to maybe reduce the amount of backlash from people who miss out after filling their details in?
  10. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WFx1pgth1E5qAhGs6
  11. I got a Thermarest self inflating mat a few years ago, packs up tiny and sleep like a log on it. Well worth the investment (disclaimer, I'm not long or heavy) Therm-a-Rest ProLite Mattress Regular https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NW2W5VK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ySDkDbHVYXQQJ
  12. ceetee

    worth it with kids?

    Glad you said that, because I've never seen anything but miserable kids at the festival!
  13. How did it go? Cheese board attached..
  14. I'll do the same, won't be there until 7pm though (and have a bag of Cloudwater cans to tide me over!)
  15. What happened last night with access to Worthy View? A few people on Twitter saying Pennard Hill Gate was closed and they couldn't access their tents
  16. ceetee


    Not on-site until tomorrow but I'll start adding when I'm there
  17. ceetee

    Bar Prices?

    Any drinks lists for the new places like Elephant Bar and The Taphouse?
  18. How are the searches?
  19. I turn up on Thursday by choice nowdays, no traffic, no stress, one less day drinking//camping. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  20. ceetee

    Steel cups

    I really wanted one of the covers, but never found anywhere selling them
  21. ceetee

    Wifi at the festival?

    If you're having problems, try manually switching your phone to 3G - likely to be less crowded.
  22. ceetee

    Steel cups

    Not heard anything about them this year, are they still a thing?
  23. ceetee

    Worthy FM

    The text of the link above is correct but if you click on it, it goes to http://uk2.internet-radio.com:8135/
  24. Who's going to be there if the 21-35's aren't?
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