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  1. Adam75

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Meal of the weekend for us (wife and I) was Thai Angle. Recommended by someone here. Outstanding. Pretty much as good as a meal in a box can get.
  2. Adam75


    Sadly not. Arcadia have confirmed this. However there were lots of performers etc at the spider before it was officially a show. I expect it to be a spectacle if not a show!
  3. Adam75


    Maybe that why it only starts at 10pm, use the darkness to hide the structure
  4. Adam75


    Arcadia said on there facebook page the green football is not the radome. Also confirmed fire etc and that what they do best is 'take over the sky' They also state visuals by astral projekt. The link shown earlier in this thread looks pretty impressive I have every faith in them doing something pretty spectacular.
  5. Agreed this is perfectly drinkable. Just sto ked up on a couple of boxes
  6. Adam75

    Block 9

    There are some big names, but mostly quite niche. Gonna be interesting. Risk of loads of people just there for the spectacle. That system is gonna be tested, alot of the line up feels suited to a small space. I have every confidence
  7. Adam75

    Block 9

    Some serious electronics at IICON. Demdike stare, Lee Gamble, Lauren Halo, Raime. Techno - Karenn, Hessle, Bruce, Hodge And legends - Larry heard.!!! Awesome
  8. Adam75


    The centrepiece of the installation will star dazzling lights and weighty sound, with Arcadia’s signature sensory overload of fire, explosions and more adding to the thrilling experience. Specially designed visuals from Astral Projekt and Heckler will also appear on a huge 360 degree radome which was originally used to guard radars in the Cold War I think there will be pryo of sorts!
  9. Adam75


    Saw them do this at BLOC very dissappointing, to say the least. FSOL music helped shaped my music tastes
  10. Adam75


    They were awesome at House of God last year
  11. Adam75


    Not looking likely, sadly!
  12. Adam75


    Its a shame alot of SE Corner has so much bass music etc, would like more variety. Temple is such a great venue. But there are a few highlights in the Common - Eris Drew, Dj Hype, Channel One.
  13. Any of this would be amazing!
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