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  1. OMG ! Dream come true if Coldplay played
  2. Hi - has anyone got a telephone number direct through to See Tickets Glastonbury ? We have received our tickets but not the camper van pass. I have messaged customer service - had 3 replies telling me to check the envelope - it was not in there Feel that we have wasted a days posting on this backwards and forwards check the envelope There is only so many times you can check an empty envelope Thanks
  3. More than happy ! Just grateful to have managed to get a ticket. Some acts we really like some not that bothered ! But we will have an awesome time !
  4. Really hope NO Spice girls or Westlife !!!
  5. minxy21

    2019 Headliners

    What about P!nk ? she announcing Europe dates on Tuesday for next summer ?? Thinking maybe Glasto or IOW ?
  6. P!NK announcing Summer dates next Tuesday ! Do you think she be at IOW ?? (HOPE SO !)
  7. What about Mumford and Sons and now Take That are all announcing new albums and Tours ??? The Cure have also said they playing a lot of festivals ??
  8. I heard P!nk was rumoured for next year, this year whilst we were at the festival. I think her tour is in Europe next year. I think also Cher is over here next year s she is a possible depending on Glasto. Think it will be either P!ink or Florence. Really hope Muse, Imagine Dragons and Phonics are there :-D
  9. Going to Rize. Not been to Essex site before used to got to Stafford. If you arrive early are you allowed in Campervan field early ? Thanks !
  10. might be an announcement tomorrow ! Price is Wight have a FB posting check tomorrow @ 09.00
  11. Do they have Campervan field at Hylands ?
  12. minxy21

    Sad times

    I am taking this as a positive !!! I am thinking either this week or next for the announcement. Tickets in the past have gone on sale beginning of March
  13. minxy21

    Sad times

    Hey , glad we not the only ones ! we go to Stafford every year from Cornwall ! Have a fab time. Really hope it's back this year ! Have booked annual leave with fingers crossed !
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