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  1. We could only get Bath & West van tickets today. Can anyone give us any tips about what it’s like away from the festival site. Are there long queues for the shuttle buses? Can you arrive early on Tuesday like the van fields? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. 60 bands announced tonight according to BT on Twitter
  3. Koko about 4 years ago by any chance?
  4. What a great first set of acts that is, wow
  5. Let's hope when she goes that we get another election. Boris v Corbyn would be very interesting indeed.
  6. You are aware of Bevans achievements, I'm sure. Surprisingly the Tories voted against the establishment of the NHS and at the same time as he introduced that he was minister for housing too and a major house building programme started to replace the poor quality houses that had been built by the previous governments and of course others bombed in the war. Guess who built the poor quality houses before him and immediately afterwards????
  7. We agree about Theresa May at least
  8. And of course she is about to form a government with the DUP, who are linked to the UVF, UDA and Ulster Resistance. Im sure that the Daily Mail will have that on the front page later this week. Her and her coalition of chaos. It's taken nearly 2 weeks to agree a deal with 10 DUP MPs, god knows how she plans to negotiate Brexit. She is out of touch and a disgrace, clinging on to power. The great Nye Bevan was right, Tories are lower than vermin.
  9. Can we have 2 please and delivered to Campervan East on Tuesday if possible. Will send a text shortly.
  10. jobleakley1

    Don't vote Tory

    Look up "Its a big club and you ain't in it" by George Carlin an American comedian who sums it up perfectly.
  11. jobleakley1

    Don't vote Tory

    But the sheep just lap it up. The labour manifesto is less left wing than the policies of Merkel and Macron, but these rags would make you believe that we would be living in communist USSR.
  12. jobleakley1

    Don't vote Tory

    Wow, a new low in our gutter press.
  13. jobleakley1

    Don't vote Tory

    There is no garden tax being suggested. Stop scaremongering. If labour are in power the people at the bottom with nothing will be looked after, the Tories are only interested in cutting tax for the rich and large businesses. May is a pretty horrible leader pretending to give a toss about the poorer people in society. The dementia tax is a prime example of that. I wonder how big the cap will be? Of course she can't tell us because she came up with it after realising how bad a policy it is. Hunt wants to continue to destroy the NHS and of course she loves grammar schools which are great if you gave the money to pay for extra tuition for your kids, but not so great for the majority who can't. Thatcher only snatched children's milk, May us literally taking the food out of children's mouths. I cannot believe that she is getting away with this. Oh and she called the election so that she could argue that Corbyn can't negotiate our exit from the EU because the negotiations start 11 days after the election. She chose the date!!!! People need to wake up and stop believing the lies perpetrated by the Tory press and look at what she will do to this country. She is a nasty leader of a very nasty party. Id rather have call me Dave back and he is another privileged Tory leader.
  14. jobleakley1

    Don't vote Tory

    For the few not the many, that is Tory policy. I would be better off under the stories as I'm paying 40% tax, the threshold of which they pledge to increase to £50,000 by the end of the next parliament. Id rather they left the threshold where it is and raised the tax free threshold to something nearer £20,000. That will boost the economy massively as people will spend the extra money on goods and services.
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