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  1. First gig with the family was Michael Jackson (with Kris Kross supporting) at Wembley Stadium on the Dangerous tour in 1992. First gig on my own was Reef at the Oxford Zodiac in 1996.
  2. Mamba

    The Rock Slot

    You can take Black Crowes off the list. Touring the US over Glastonbury weekend.
  3. It was my first time at Trees, having talked about going for years. We had the luxury of campervans, but wouldn't have minded camping in one of the quieter areas. Glad we finally made it, and certain it won't be the last time. Great organisation, great vibe, nice size (easy on my weary old legs). Loved the cashless system, despite a minor issue with auto top-up not working on Saturday which was quickly resolved. Band highlights for me were Hell Is For Heroes, Vodun, Turnstile, Basement and Fangclub.
  4. I was fearing some clashes on Thursday (ATDI / Turnstile / Far / Black Peaks) but they seem to have been averted.
  5. They surely won't wait until the end of the tour (14th May). Most of his dates are sold out anyway.
  6. Very happy with Turnstile. I thought they were ruled out, otherwise they might have been on my wishlist!
  7. I'd be very happy with some of these predictions. If I were to combine them into a wishlist, I'd go for: Tigers Jaw Shame A The Wonder Years Frank Turner
  8. There is a convenient gap in his North America tour schedule.
  9. The pitches are 5 metres square, but you aren't allowed tents next to the camper. I emailed them on this very point as at least one of our gang are taking theirs. I've bought a campervan pass, just working on the camper!
  10. Are some of these names made up, or am I just old? I don't think Reading's for me any more.
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