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  1. Thanks again, I did get tickets but someone else got them for me. I got through to the reg page for another person after being stuck on the holding page for ages but then it sold out before I could get it all done. Oh well, there's the resales for them, fingers crossed...
  2. That was exactly it! No wonder I haven't been able to get on the ticket page for at least 2 years! Deleted it and works again now. Thank you so much
  3. Can't remember the error message exactly, it did prompt me to check proxy settings, which I did. Hard to Google for help as if I Google 'can't access Glasto ticket page' I just get results relating to normal problem of not getting past holding page.
  4. I think the issue might be related to something like this; whether I've changed it in the past (can't remember) and that's a problem, or whether it needs to be changed. Defo something on this laptop though, last year was the same but I assumed that was just because the page was busy. Is there anything I should look out for regarding the host file/DNS? (I can try googling but a suggestion would be helpful if possible!). Thank you.
  5. Thanks - have just tried it, no luck. It's weird, it's just the ticket page. Probably this is why I couldn't get on it last year either!
  6. Ok so I was trying for coach tickets, and couldn't even get on the holding page on my laptop. Tried using Chrome, Firefox, Safari. My phone on 4g/Wifi could access the holding page (no further). I just tried the ticket page again and I still can't get on it using a regular browser. But I just tried using Tor and that worked fine! There must be something in my laptop settings that's preventing access to the ticket page in particular. The regular glasto site and all other websites I can get onto no problem. I'm not sure I want to rely on using Tor for the main ticket sale. Please if a
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