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  1. Forgot to mention this yesterday afternoon - I was briefly in the car at that point and while idly flicking through stations and ending up on Radio 1, they mentioned that there would be a chance to win Glastonbury tickets on the breakfast show on Tuesday morning. I realise it's not exactly great odds, but it's at least another chance for those hanging on.
  2. Yes. Belated thanks for adding me too.
  3. Back for another week of poring over webpage source code for some meaning amongst the chaos like a fevered conspiracy theorist; inferring possible meaning from terms and conditions like some high powered trial lawyer; calm rationality turning to irascibility ("Well, they had to get *some* tickets back! Surely they won't waste them!"); followed by them all selling out the moment you finally decide to move your bowels after a week of self-imposed, not-moving-from-the-PC, huddled constipation. Good luck all!
  4. I don't think I've made it into work *before* I'm due to start for 5 days in a row before, well, ever. Incorrectly perceived dedication the one upside to the insanity here. Day 5 of the vigil anyway.
  5. Yes. I feel like I'd run up and down the office whooping and high fiving everyone (and receiving confused looks and a possible disciplinary) were I to be successful now.
  6. I'm trying for myself and will seethe with jealousy if everyone rallies around you now! Well, not really, but you know what I mean!
  7. This is definitely the tensest I've ever been for one of these resales (if indeed it happens). Last 2 years were a breeze comparatively.
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