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  1. 👏 👏 👏 agreed!!! let’s get our F5 fingers exercised for the big day(s)... and would be great if everyone could help out for the coach resale then the main resale, hopefully can knock out a few of us!
  2. Ben_Monk

    The Strokes?

    Hahaha - I’m here with a fellow Efestee, front row centre... be jealous? I guess???
  3. fine, we'll have a pre resale meetup to trust each other, where we're all anxious as heck
  4. yep think you're making sense!!! the non refundable loss is just a sacrifice for your kindness...
  5. Ben_Monk

    The Strokes?

    may have a spare because pals keep pulling out BAH will do it face value + fees if you promise to try for me in the glasto resale!! (I know, needs must) also: planning to queue up early so apols, you'll have to me there early with me! dm and let me know, will get back to people tomorrow (Y) (ofc people with a post history too please, gotta trust!)
  6. ... and just got and email saying it'll be announced 9.30am tomorrow! apologies for my leaky spoiler but I was VERY impatient
  7. Looks like it - still not removed here - funny no-one's picked it up!
  8. From Cate Le Bon's post... bit of a leak - a more detailed line up! King Gizzard, Snow Patrol, La Roux, Local Natives, Kate Tempest, Hinds, Confidence Man and more... Latitude.jfif
  9. Thanks for adding me on the list! @Fearless_Fish - it looks like we're teammates... and thanks for the heartwarming helpers, we need you! I really don't want to miss out on a fifth Glasto in a row through my sheer terrible luck. And now I've got excited two months before the resale... typical
  10. Ben_Monk

    Resale Club 2019

    oooo shit! I'll dive straight back into the EFests madness. scared for my sanity
  11. Ben_Monk

    Resale Club 2019

    Hello all! I was an absolute obsessive for the Resale Club in 2017 - as in the bloody secret-not-happening resale - but thought I'd be working abroad for this year so tried not to go in too deep... now it looks like I'll be around so signing in for hopeless hope once more ❤️ anything I should know about? update me on fun things!
  12. I would love some if you're keen! DMed
  13. If anyone has a spare O2 number I could borrow to get Bon Iver tickets... <3
  14. Thanks for all the posts on offers by the way. Missed out on competitions, but still got two tickets for £16 overall off ebay for Chris + Queens. They've definitely got the best deals.
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