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  1. Exactly! Getting to layer it out like this just helps me visualise it, otherwise it's just an indistinguishable blob of artists that'll likely clash with each other
  2. Thanks for this! Just did a big old reworking from this. I FIND THIS FUN https://clashfinder.com/s/p202x1/
  3. Tinkered and fixed! And thanks for the DMer with more deets too, have shifted more...
  4. Ace, thanks gang - editing away! https://clashfinder.com/s/p202x1/
  5. Just updated, adding the Ride stage on the Thursday now too. And I love making speculative Clashfinders, especially when there's minimal festivals this summer ahah 😉
  6. That's just completely wow. I've updated my shitty guessimatey Clashfinder accordingly...! https://clashfinder.com/s/p202x1/
  7. Ha, I'm just exceedingly hopeful... I'll see what switches work
  8. Sorry - that was my mistake, they were all in alphabetical order. Just assuming given their energies Slowdive were before King Gizz in that venue now!
  9. They were on the website for a brief moment yesterday then removed! I quickly dumped them into my Clashfinder ahha
  10. Jamie XX: LAUT Interpol: Sala Apolo (after Chet Faker) Slowdive: Razzmatazz (before King Gizz!)
  11. Good spot - I've moved them round with Viagra Boys.
  12. The midweek stage splits & running orders were accidentally posted on the website - now gone. We know that they're all from 4pm or later.
  13. Done. Please don't jump, it's only a year away...
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